Exploring New Eden (again)

Back in September I took advantage of a steam deal and picked up EVE for $5. It really was one of those ‘wow I can’t pass this up’ moments, even though I knew at the time there was no way I was going to be able to fit yet another game into my schedule. Every month I’d remember in the back of my mind that I had the game waiting for me, and I just never got around to installing it.

Finally, after doing a mass clean up of my PC I figured there was no time like the present, and installed the full game and activated my (long neglected) account. I had played the 21 day trial (barely) and was looking forward to a refresher course, to see if I could actually get anywhere.

The comments people have made previously about the learning curve to this game are all justified. I’ve made it clear to people previously that sci fi is not my typical cup of tea. I do love hearing about the styles of game play though, and I’ve really loved following all of the news from EVE over the last few years, and lets face it, even if you’re not a fan of space, it’s a drop dead gorgeous game.

The tutorials have come a long way, and I slid into them easier then I remembered last. I also had the luck of Kasul being online and when I had a question (even though they were quite simple) he was fine with answering for me. I learned once more how to navigate my ship, and I decided that exploration was probably the best path for me (for now at least). I managed to pick up my first mission, which was to head out and scan an area for some cosmic anomalies. Sounded simple enough. I even managed to find my way back which is something I’m typically horrible with. Me and directions just do not get along.

I decided to hold off in picking up the second tutorial mission, having enough to learn for one night. I set up my skill que (how wonderful that this continues after we’ve logged off) and let everything sink in.

See, the thing is I’ve always *wanted* to give this game a shot, but I always felt it was way over my head. The game has come a long way in adjusting that curve, though it’s still there. Having a friend (or two or three) around is really a great bonus, and I’m interested in seeing if I can play the game ‘my way’ as opposed to how people ‘think’ I should play. I’m not normally one to group up, and I’m not huge on personal pvp. I do enjoy coming up with ways to avoid pvp, and getting around other players, and even if something takes a long time to complete, I have my moments of patience. We’ll just have to see how it goes!

So far I’m only taking advantage of the 30 days that come with the base account, which I realize is probably not enough time to get a genuine ‘feel’ for such an involved game – but I am going to try, and in the mean time, it’s fun to wander.

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  1. Good luck with your visit to New Eden. Being a sandbox game, EVE definitely requires you to “make your own fun”, meaning you have to come up with your own goals instead of just clicking on all the quest givers in an area. It makes for a great change of pace from the EQ2/LotR/WoW group though.

    I’m not in EVE too much at the moment, but I’m happy to answer questions via Raptr/Twitter/Email if you have any.

  2. What I’d like to hear is whether or not you’ve joined a big corp, and if you haven’t, is the game still fun? I’m not much of a guild joiner which makes me think I’d suffer in EVE, but I’m not sure if that’s true….

  3. With the exception of a training corp (Eve Uni) that I was in for a couple of months, I’ve never been in a large corp. In my experience you only need to be in a large corp if you want to get into 0.0 or be able to run a player owned station (for research and manufacturing). Of course mining solo can be a bit boring without corp members to chat with.

  4. If you need someone else to ask question of, I’m on most evenings as “Boaz Netopalis.”

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