Want to tank? Then BE one

There’s almost nothing that pisses me off more then coming across a tank who doesn’t want to actually BE a tank.

It’s really quite simple people. If you roll a tank in an MMORPG then there are certain guidelines and rules that just make sense. If you roll a tank you’re expected to tank. If you’re more of a solo player like you may find in SOEs EQ2 then you might not be used to tanking for a group and that’s fine but speaking out and saying “Oh I just don’t want to tank” or “well I’m not very good at being a tank” is stupid. That’s like a priest joining up for a 5 man run in WoW as a healer and suddenly saying they don’t want to heal, they just wanted to get into a group faster.

Here’s one perfect example of how NOT to be a tank. Lets call this person Joe. Joe applies to a raid guild on one of his characters, but he has three other characters that he also plays. He applies for an off tank position. He joins the guild and is welcomed, he has friends there already. Throughout the course of his recruitment he only plays his healer, unless specifically told to get on his tank.


If you apply to a raid guild as an off tank then the first thing you should be doing is proving that you can actually tank. Show everyone that you enjoy the character, want to actually play the character, and make yourself available to your guild mates. None of this pissing around on a healer. When your recruitment period is done and you’ve secured your position then by all means dick around on whatever character you feel comfortable on. Your guild mates want to see what you can do and how passionate and dedicated you are, how about you throw them a bone.

Here’s another great example of a tank that doesn’t really want to act like a tank. Lets call this person Bob. Bob is a main tank to a fairly prestigious guild on a populated server. Bob needs a particular zone for a piece of gear, a zone that’s run every weekend on off nights but he decides he’s too good to actually attend those raids. Without this piece of gear he’s asked to sit out on raids during the week and he gets his nose all bent out of shape about it. He decides to cry on the forums about how he needs this zone instead of taking the initiative and organizing the raid himself. Seriously? You’re the main tank of a guild and can’t handle organizing a little 12 man event on your own without having your hand held? Go pick another class to play, a tank is obviously not for you.

I doubt I’m the only person who has ever come across these types of people, they’re everywhere. Don’t wuss out and roll a tank because they’re needed or popular, or because their class is unbalanced unless you plan on actually taking charge and acting like a tank. That doesn’t mean you have to know everything there is to know but you should certainly be making a progressive effort to better yourself as a player. Hell everyone should be (not that we always get our way).

There’s nothing more frustrating to a group then joining up and having to spoon feed their baby tank step by step. You can fake your way through most zones even if you don’t know anything. It’s all about attitude. See an add headed towards the raid and no one is jumping on it? Then take that step forward and pull it off of a healer or mage before they wipe. That’s your job. It’s not a passive one and you’ll earn far more respect by asserting some authority then by whining in the corner.

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  1. It’s one thing to be the tank and completely another thing to be the raid leader. I love to tank, though I’m not the best one there is. I learn from each run, though, and want to do them on my pace.

    That is not possible anymore as the LFD is filled with the gogogogogo dps which really doesn’t care a bit. I’ve been in 5mans in which the dps was so much overgearing the 5man hc that he effectively tanked and killed the trash on his way, never caring about the rest of the group.

    In a way I’m missing the raid progression, or possibility to learn to raid through something alike. There is no such possibility at the moment at least on the server I’m in, because every PUG raid announcement starts with some ridiculous gearscore requirement and achievement requirement which are most certainly missing from a newcomer. And I’m not volunteering for dps because I have levelled up as a tank and I have just started to learn the melee dps role. Which I hate and resent already.

    So, I can fake it and wind it up in 5 mans, easily. But I’m experience deprived in the raiding side, possibly not even at off tank level.

    The only cure is more cowbell.

    C out

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