Interested in Writing for Nomadic Gamer?

I’ve decided to open the doors a little bit, if you’d like to write for the Nomadic Gamer then by all means please let me know! All you need is:

1. A wordpress account. You don’t need a wordpress blog, just an account so that you can log in. You can easily get one of these by heading to and signing up.

2. Emailing me with the email address associated with the account. This allows me to register you as an author of the site.

Please keep in mind that this is VOLUNTEER only, there’s no payment associated with writing here. Be sure to check out the ‘about’ section of the blog if you’re not familiar with the site, or why it’s here. I reserve the right to sensor what gets posted publicly, so please don’t abuse it. I am really happy with the number of people who have volunteered to write an article here and there so far, and I’m really enjoying the differences in opinion we all have. I want to keep that up.

I just wanted a little area that people could use to write about games that are not their ‘main’ game of choice. Or ideas that float into their head (involving games of course). I think we’re off to a fantastic start so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else comes to Nomadic Gamer.

If you’ve got any questions or need some information, please don’t hesitate to email me:

Happy Gaming!

About Stargrace

Just another female gamer with too much time on her hands.

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