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Pete over at Dragonchasers made a comment on my first EVE post (here at Nomadic) regarding whether or not you HAD to join a big corp in order to have fun in EVE. Now that I’ve had a few more hours in game I feel a little more confident in answering this. It honestly depends on what you want to do, and what sort of player you are. As for myself, I doubt I’ll ever really join a big corp. While I am a social gamer, I tend to migrate towards people I already know and keep to myself. Thankfully there are a few good friends of mine playing EVE, and they’ve been kind enough to show me the ropes. When I mentioned in my previous post that I’m completely new and the curve is more like a brick wall, I meant it.

One thing EVE is praised for is the fact that it is a sandbox game. You want to do it? Then you can. That’s basically the rule of thumb. Within the means of the game of course, but there are basically no rails guiding you what so ever. I absolutely LOVE this aspect to the game, and it’s probably the main thing that draws me into it. I’ve decided to start out pretty simple with one of those basic jobs that anyone can do, and some term it as boring – but since I’m new it’s exciting. In fact everything is exciting. Of course, I’m talking about mining. Mining is a pretty simple way to earn money in game, selling your materials to other players.

Kasul from Shattered helped me out last night answering every single question I had (again), and phoenix helped me out by giving me some starting coin and some fittings for my brand new Navitas (gift from Kasul). It’s pictured above. I play a Gallente Intaki, and I love the way their ships look. I also got some warrior I drones from phoenix – which I had to have explained to me since I’m that new. I can’t use them yet (need to train skills to be able to) but I figured out how they work and what they’re used for, which are all steps in the right direction for me.

Coming from a complete new players perspective, and one who has never been interested in space what so ever, this has been a real learning experience. I doubt without outside help there’s any way I’d be able to pick up the game. I was pointed in the direction of EVEMon, which has been amazing in helping me figure things out, and the EVE wiki has been very helpful for simplified guides. I don’t expect that mining will be all I do in game, but it gives me a good solid point to start at while I familiarize myself with the basics. Right now I’m working towards using my drones, as well as upgrading to a mining barge in the future. Eventually I have dreams of being able to build my own ships and maybe even selling them – but that is a lot more complicated then I’m ready for right now, so I’m just going to take it in small leaps and bounds. I am going to subscribe past my 30 day ‘free’ phase with the game purchase, and see where this heads.

In short last night I learned how the market works (never even opened the window before). How to fit my ship, how to select a 2nd ship and activate it, I got more comfortable with flying around and searching asteroid belts for materials (in a very basic fashion). I am able to track friends and learned about what a fleet was. I learned about drones, and learned the very basics of mining. I learned about my skill queue, and how even though I was just randomly adding skills to it I probably want to work towards a particular goal. I got a basic impression of ‘safe’ places to be and where’s not safe (in other words I learned about different secs). I learned about rats. I learned to run from a rat (snickers). I’m really excited! I learned a bunch more but whatever it was has left my mind so early in the morning, so I’ll leave it at that.

If you’re looking for me in game, I’m there as Ellithia, so add me to your friends list. I appreciate every bit of help and suggestions from those reading this, remember – I’m so new the paint hasn’t even dried yet.

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Just another female gamer with too much time on her hands.

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  1. Nice to see you enjoying EVE. I shall add you to my address book next time I log in, I’ll send you a mail so you know who my character is. Feel free to ask me any questions you have and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Currently I am mostly docked up in a station up north, but I am almost always able to chat.

  2. I agree that one of the appeals of EVE is that you can go about things your own way in your own time. I have gotten quite a few comments over the last three years about how I needed to join a big corp, join an alliance, go to 0.0, or half a dozen other things otherwise I was playing the game “wrong.”

    Instead, over that time I have pottered around, on various paths exploring different aspects of the game, all at my own pace, and it has been quite nice.

    And, inevitably, my posts about these voyages of discovery generate many more, “I love EVE/I have to try EVE” comments than everything I have posted about EQ2, WoW, or LOTRO. EVE has that effect.

  3. Like Petter, I shall add you to my list and send you an evemail so you know who I am. I live in Caldari hisec right now, but I’m not terribly far from Gallente space either, so I can help you mine by being your hauler or something if you need that. Or I can drag you along on some combat missions so you can see what those are like too. All depends on if we’re on at the same time, I suppose.

  4. We should get together some Nomadic gamers and create a corp in eve for us. 🙂

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