Allods Online – Video

I’ve had my eye on Allods Online since I first heard about it. It’s a free to play game that’s created by gPotato, and the main point I want to make here is that I absolutely love how they break away from the mold by having three avatars that work together as one. Above is a video of my Giberlings, cute little fuzzy creatures that move as one and act as one for combat but are three separate creatures. It’s not only entertaining to watch my character bounce around, but keeps me interested in the race which I think is pretty important. It’s nice to see something different.

For more information about the game I would suggest you head over to their web site and check it out. Let me and the rest of the Nomadic Gamers know what you think about it – maybe even put a post on this site explaining your thoughts (remember we’re always looking for volunteer writers)!

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  1. I tried the Beta out, but only up to level 6 on a necromancer(?) so I can’t really comment much on anything past the graphics.

    I like the look. I said once before that the only other games I saw, with graphics this tight, were WoW, and a small F2P title called 4story. I mean “tight” as in solid.

    I was a bit disappointed that only a select few of the many apartment-style building could be entered, and then they all looked the same inside. Although the capital building was very nice.

    I don’t really want to jump back into the game, this far into beta. I do plan on playing it more, when Open Beta hits.

    I will say this too: My introduction to MMORPGs was through F2P titles 2 years ago. Since then I played almost every single one of them. I have since tried some subscription games including WoW.

    To play devil’s advocate, I have suspicions about the game because of my experiences with many F2P in the past. I wouldn’t even want to give a review until it’s out in Open Beta. For a F2P game, the difference between OB and CB are almost night and day. The cash shop will change the game play significantly. This I know. How much and whether it has a significantly better impact, over a worse one, is yet to be seen. Atlantica and Perfect World are two stunningly beautiful games, but Atlantica is the only one I play anymore, and that isn’t even a fair comparison for me, as it is a very different play style, and that’s why I still play. I like being able to pop in for one or two rounds of strategy based combat, then log off.

    But I digress. I guess I’m being stodgy, but a lot of my viewpoint seems to mainly point toward what I’ve seen all F2P companies do- sell the graphics and new game play elements. But, again, I haven’t had enough exposure to it and I think Keen said it plays like a subscription based game(I just can’t remember off hand, but I thought it best to include that little “disclaimer”).

  2. I’ve played a bit here and there and I think it’s “okay” but not anything to write home about. Add in that the cash shop appears to be required in the higher levels and that the prices are outrageously insane, and. . . I still dabble here and there, but don’t think I’ll really get in to it.

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