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EVE Online

EVE Online

As of yesterday, my retriever is now all set up for mining. I finished off the skills I needed to finish fitting it, I used an EVEmon plan to set it all up. I’ve been contemplating setting up a second account to perhaps work on a hauler for when friends are not around, and to maybe set up a ship for probing. Since EVE is about the only ‘steady’ game holding my attention these days I think I will. I keep going back and forth on the decision.

Next? I’ll be working towards a hulk for mining, it will take me approximately 63 days to train for one (simply to be able to fly it) and another 44 days to be able to fit it completely. Not including the cost of everything. Now that may seem like quite a large number, but remember when you pick up a new game, how long does it take you to reach ‘end game’? The hulk is an ‘end game’ mining ship, and so the time devoted to be able to fly one doesn’t bother me in the least bit.

I’ve also decided that I want to get involved with invention. I had Kasul from Shattered explain the basics to me, although it’s still over my head, I think eventually I’ll be able to manage it. What I gathered so far is that there are specific agents used for invention. Or rather, you need datacores depending on what you want to invent, and agents will sell those to you. Of course before you can work for an agent you need 1. skills and 2. standing. Last night I said to myself ‘self, why not attempt to MAKE a hulk!’ – brilliant plan! It’s probably not worth it cost-wise, but I’m ambitious and would love to see how this pans out.

I figured out which research agents offer the datacores I need. I figured out I need two skills at V, both are at IV right now, so I need a few days to get that done. Afterward, the agent will speak with me, and then I can start researching, which takes time.

I’ve said this before (and I’ll say it a few more times) I love how EVE is friendly to all aspects of gamer. It doesn’t matter if you devote a lot or a little time to the game IN game, since you can train while offline. I haven’t been playing for years, but I feel that I’m making steady progress, and I like that I don’t need to be ‘uber’ to get things done. I love how many facets there are to the game, and how every week I’m learning something new. I’d love to get a hauler set up on the second account, but like I said, we’ll see how that goes.

In the mean time, I’m having a blast. You can find me in game as Ellithia, add me to your address books!

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Just another female gamer with too much time on her hands.

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  1. It seems you are happy with mining and waiting for the next mega-mining ship.

    I was usually more running high level agent missions, and rarely shooting other people in lowsec. Mining? :> Sometimes… with buddies organizing a mass mining/transport of goods. Sometimes I was idle around as “bodyguard”. I never had to defend anyone while doing my duty, though.

    I simply never made the next step to the corp level of gaming. My corp did not really make it either.

    But I also still fail what is going to change in terms of gameplay, most of the new stuff seems to be rather human made drama and conflicts for no proper reason. As if anyone would bother if I mine some not even that rare ores they did not bother to mine in “their” section of space.

    This is why I am out of EVE – after having flown every BB and Amarr T2 cruisers. I never ever trained for a max tier mining ship. Though I find they look interesting because they are so massive. 🙂

  2. Glad you are giving Eve Online more time. It’s unique training method makes it a lot easier to play casually as a side-game rather than the normal MMO which takes hours -per day to level up in, or get stuff done. The points you meantioned about the way Eve trains are the reasons I keep my account going. One other nifty thing I like is buying plex’s off of Eve’s main site and selling in-game for isk. One of the rare MMO’s that buying in-game money is actually legal and isn’t frowned upon. As long as you buy PLEX from CCP.

    Invention has always sounded interesting to me, yet complex as well. I myself am a combat pilot in Nullsec.

    One thing I think many people fail at with Eve is when they first join, they shoot to go up to the top of “CEO” with their newly created Eve Char. They jump in game, gather a small group of friends (Small=less than +-20) and hop in their new corp as CEO with a few friends.

    While this seems fun at first, things will eventually die out, and slowly but surely their number of “active” pilots drop. I find it’s more efficient to hop into a great existing corp. one with 30~100 members, making sure they’re in an alliance, and active. None of those “100 man corp” with 10 active members and 90 players who never log in.

    Then build up a reputation for yourself, get known in eve. When you truely are ready, THEN splinter off into your own corp, you may even move on to be part of your first Corps alliance, who can then in-turn recruit for you.

    Good luck in your adventures! When you start to do more in invention and working with agents I’d love to read about it. There are so many PVP and combat blogs out there, there’s hardly anyone blogging about other industries, so yours would be unique.

  3. Good to see you progressing so well. Economics-wise you’re getting into the end-game with invention, luck to you.

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