A Second Acount Joins the Ranks, Plans for the Future are Made

I did it, I started up a second account in EVE. I’m excited about it, too. The best part is that I don’t even really know why I’m so excited, I simply am. The second account won’t be doing all that much, but in the long run it’s very handy. I’m planning on using it to haul when there’s no one around (since I play at odd times from most of my friends) and I’m also going to use it to help out with invention by working for a research agent. I decided the first thing I wanted to do was be able to fly an Iteron V, it will take approx 12 days before I’m able to fly one. Then I’ll get started on research agents.

As for my ‘main’ account. Well. Now that I’m all set in the retriever, I want to work towards a hulk. It will take 50 days to learn to fly one, and then almost the same amount of time before I fit it the way I want. I got into a discussion yesterday with a friend about how they thought that was an awful long time before I’d be able to fly the ship – but I compared this in terms they would understand a little more. To me, the hulk is ‘end game’ for mining. Of course that’s just one facet to EVE, and there are many, but that’s what I compare it to.

Now in your MMO of choice, how long would it take a completely new player to reach what you consider ‘end game’. It’s not instant, it takes time. The upside to the time it takes to do something in EVE as opposed to doing something in pretty much every single other game I’ve ever played, is that you can play this game casually and still reach that point. Aside from making money to be able to afford this venture, there’s not a lot of physical time I have to spend in game since I’m constantly training (so long as I fill up the skill queue, which EVEmon is great at reminding me about). I feel great knowing that I can spend a day or two here and there working on missions when I want, and I can even not log in for an entire week – but I’ll still be working towards my hulk (or the Iteron V on the 2nd account).

These are still relatively small goals for me. I am currently working on obtaining the skills I need to talk to my new agent, I’ll be able to do that in five days. Then I’ll be able to work towards getting datacores, and invention. I also still want to delve into more salvaging, and hacking, and simply exploring. The world is so vast, it’s just amazing.

I can’t stress enough how happy I am to have finally managed to overcome at least a little tiny bit of the learning curve EVE has in order to start enjoying the game. I tried to play twice before and was never able to stick with it. Third time is apparently the charm.

Fly safe!

About Stargrace

Just another female gamer with too much time on her hands.

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  1. Be careful, you have started down a slippery slope! 1 account becomes 2 becomes 6! It happened to me. Orca pilot, transport pilot, 4 hulk pilots! Just think of that beauty!!

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