Trying to make sense of Invention

Retriever, headed towards a R&D agent

Retriever, headed towards a R&D agent

Yesterday Kasul from Shattered spent a good hour explaining more points of invention to me – after I made a blunder that cost me 6 days of training. It was a simple mistake, and one of my first ‘major’ ones in EVE (aside from losing ships, which I haven’t done yet but I know will happen eventually). Basically the short story is that I trained Engineering V instead of Mechanics V – it’s not THAT much of a mistake because the engineering V will still come in handy, but it’s a 6 day set back. How did I come to that mistake? Well, I’m not even sure myself.

Here’s what I know so far about invention, which is what I’m attempting to get into on a very small scale. Now, to start off you have to decide WHAT you want to invent. I decided that I didn’t want to figure out the market and what sells and what doesn’t sell, so I’m starting with blueprints for a hulk for my own personal desires. Yup, I’m ambitious. The tech 1 version of this is the Covetor, which Kasul found for me on the EVE wiki. Now under “Blueprint Info” it lists the datacores you need for invention. You need 8 Gallentean Starship Engineering, and 8 Mechanical Engineering.

Once I knew what type of datacores I required, I had to figure out what skills were required for those research fields. So I took a peek at the bottom of the Research Agent wiki. You can see that Gallentian Starship Engineering requires science V and Mechanic V, and mechanical engineering requires the same. That’s where I got confused. For some reason I have science V and engineering V which means the far right column that lists graviton physics and high energy physics etc is what I trained for. None of those datacores are used in what I wanted to make – BUT – all is not lost. While I wait 6 days to work on mechanic V, I can work with an agent who provides those other cores, and sell them. After all, to research all you need is for time to pass.

Ok. My next step was to figure out what agent I had enough standing with in order to research with. One huge key point that I was unaware of, is that those Research Fields actually have a skill book that you have to inject, and in order to research with an agent, your skill has to match their level. For example an L1 Research Agent who works with Gallentian Starship Engineering will require you to have the skill Gallentian Starship Engineering at the 1st rank. If it’s a L5 agent, you’ll need L5 of the skill. Once that was cleared up for me it was a lot easier to understand.

There’s a very handy web site called Eve Agents, and it will allow you to search for agents by all sorts of little options. I picked a research skill, and organized it by standing. Since I’m not currently working with an agent that I want to stick with (I just don’t want to waste those 6 days) I searched by the lowest standing, so that I wouldn’t have to do any faction work.

Once I finish mechanics V, I plan on researching with Auflaerdt Blala, and she has a required standing of 0,25 with CreoDron. The great thing about the Eve Agents web site is that you can search for all sorts of mission agents, so I can search by that particular faction, and find an agent willing to work with me so that I can raise my standings. One thing to keep in mind is that each agent has a division, and those divisions mean that they’ll give you quests to do certain things. Kasul once again linked me a life saver, the Agent Division list. Since I’m not flying a ship built for encounter/kill I’ll stay away from agents that give those types of missions. I can handle courier, trade, and mining just fine.

That’s where I’m at right now. I realize this is only the beginning, and I’ll keep writing about “what happens next” as I encounter it. For now I’m planning on continuing my graviton physics datacore research (to sell), and mining to earn money for the skill books I need. The research skill books are roughly 10 mill ISK each, and I need at least two more (gallentean starship engineering, and mechanical engineering) on top of the graviton physics book I purchased to make use of for this week. It’s pricey, but no skill in EVE goes to waste.

I also purchased a little minmatar shuttle last night, I was getting tired of dragging my retriever around when I was just doing courier missions or picking up a skill book from another highsec station. It’s certainly the neatest little ship I’ve owned so far, and I love how quick it is. It can’t do a heck of a lot, but it does exactly what I need it to do, which is move fast.

Fly safe!

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  1. I have shuttles all over the place for that very reason 🙂

  2. *boggle*

    I understood about 1/5th of that…. 🙂

  3. Just wait until Stargrace gets into invention 🙂 Right now she’s only getting READY for invention. The actual process of inventing is far more complicated! Nothing is trivial in EVE 😉

    Good luck on the Hulk!

    My only bit of advice at this time is to start looking now for a public invention line where the queue isn’t too bad, and make that your invention base. Invention, thankfully, isn’t as bad as material/time research. Queues for THOSE usually run about two weeks or more.

  4. Hmmm just had a look at the invention queues in the Sinq Laison area. PLENTY of room. Material research and copying are still awful, though. Shouldn’t be any trouble finding a spot for invention.

  5. *6* days for a rank 1 skill? Those “should” take less than 4. Sounds like someone hasn’t trained Cybernetics and installed some cheap +3 implants yet. . . So says the guy with all learning skills to 5/4 (and 1 to 5/5. . . ) and +5 implants 😉

    Have you considered putting your character up on a site like eveboard or eve-sheet? People could then look at your character and (if you asked) make some suggestions as to what might help you reach your goals faster.

    Here’s me:

  6. I have most of my learning skills up actually, and I have +1 implants, haven’t bothered with anything higher yet. Mechanics V is taking 6 days, I don’t mind it. EVEmon gave me all the suggestions I need to speed it up minus the implants.

    I don’t have my character up on EVE-Sheet yet, but I will get that done today. 🙂

  7. FWIW, If you can fit +1’s, you can fit +3’s, and +3’s are still quite cheap. That additional +2 would be a big help to you.

    I know… it’s not “needed” but imo anything to make “leveling” faster is a good thing 😀

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