Missions, Corps, and Friends

Off of a Mission

Off on a Mission

It has been an exciting few days in EVE, and I hardly know where to start. First of all, new corp is set up and well underway. We lean towards the industrial side, but it’s more of a social corp then anything else. I was excited when we started renting our new Headquarters, and while it may not be fancy it is home. Plus it’s in a fantastic system.

I’m still working on mechanics V and once that is done, I’ll be ready to start R&D (research and development) with my new agent. Four days to go.

To prepare for this, I ran missions last night with Kasul. I had a pretty bad headache and was just looking to play quietly and ignore most of the world (no offense, world). He tracked down an agent for CreoDron that was fairly close by (two jumps from home) and we set off to see what trouble we could get into. My standing was 0,02 when we started, and I needed 0,25 to work with my agent. I’m starting small, she’s a L1 agent but offers three types of datacores.

I’ve done a few missions in EVE but not that many. They’re basically PvE quests, and they involve some pretty complex and awesome stories. The one I did last night came from a marketing division, which means (as I look at my handy sheet) 17% of missions given are encounter/kill, 77% are courier, and 6% are trade. I’m not really set up to do encounter/kill missions at all, so Kasul came along with me (thank you!) in his fancy ship.

The story was great. It involved six steps, and within those six steps another three steps for some other agent named Mamo. I had to do everything from head to a luxury resort and wait for my contact to show up only to kill him and drag him back to the mission agent, to simply running around as a lackey picking up items. The best part is that completing the 6 missions brought me to 0,28 standing, which means once I’m done mechanics V I’ll be ready to start R&D with that agent I had picked out.

Missions are great, and I know at higher levels reward quite well. Even for a L1 mission I still received a lot of ISK, and a good amount of loot from the pirates. I tagged along in my catalyst so that I could salvage. So now I’m thinking once I get the Iteron V for hauling on the 2nd account, I should work towards a mission ship. After some discussion with Kasul he suggested perhaps a Tristan, and working my way towards a Thorax, or a Celestis. I’m excited about exploring yet another facet of EVE. In fact I’ve been neglecting my other games just so I can continue playing. Woopsie!

I’m looking forward to seeing what other trouble I can get into in the mean time.

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  1. I just resubbed to EVE today and I’m battling with 2 things right now. 1/ trying to remember how to play 2/ trying to not get too addicted šŸ˜€

  2. WFS — add me to your addressbook. Boaz Netopalis. Any time we may happen to be on simultaneously, I’ll be happy to answer questions.

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