A Different Way to Pay

As I play games (and I doubt I’m the only one) and come to the decision as to whether or not I want to actually subscribe, there is one factor that typically leans me in one direction or the other. It’s not whether or not I have enough time to play (surprisingly enough) or whether or not I enjoy the game more then any other game I’m playing. The deciding factor in most cases is what method of payment they’ll allow me to use.

See, I do freelance work, and that work is paid via paypal. Over the years anything in my paypal account is “fun money”, stuff I can use on games, subscriptions and the like. It’s what I have that’s not going towards bills and other ‘adult’ decisions.

It makes sites like Steam and Direct2Drive awesome, where I can get sucked in to buying a game that I may not other wise have gone to the store to purchase. Especially when they have incredible sales like those we saw around the holidays. Games have gotten a little better with allowing for different methods of payment but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Taking a look at games that I currently subscribe to, there are a handful that allow me to pay for my subscription directly with paypal. Others have time cards that are available, sold from secure sites but that usually ends up costing me more then the basic subscription would cost. A lot of time cards are not available here in Canada (like the Free Realms station cash) and so I have to convince my American friends to purchase them for me, and then reimburse them for the cost.

Keep in mind that this information could be slightly out of date, or wrong. If it is just let me know and I’ll correct it! Just voicing what I have come across personally.

Wizard101 – does not accept paypal as a payment method, only credit card. However, they have a huge selection of stores that sell their time cards (or the equivalent, since they use crowns). Sadly, none of these are in Canada.

Fallen Earth – does accept paypal as a payment method

Aion – DOES accept paypal as a payment method, and in fact you can purchase through the NCsoft store with paypal. I love it. They encourage this method of payment as it offers better protection then leaving your credit information on their web site.

World of Warcraft – DOES accept paypal as a payment method, though they do NOT allow you to purchase their games with it.

EVE – DOES accept paypal as a payment method, but they won’t allow it to be recurring. Not a huge deal. There are also numerous methods to buy time cards all over the internet from secure places.

EQ/EQ2/VG/FR – does not accept paypal as a payment method, and their time cards are NOT easy for me to find. I can find free realms station cash on ebay, but it’s typically priced far higher then a regular card would cost. You also can not purchase from the station store with paypal. I really think SOE needs to change this. They’d make a lot more money off of me if I could use paypal.

WAR – does not accept paypal as a payment method, however, I found numerous web sites that offer time cards for a very reasonable price, so if I wanted to resubscribe and not use a credit card, the option is certainly there.

LotRO – does not accept paypal as a payment method, and there are sites that do offer time cards, but the price was not worth it for me.

Darkfall – does accept paypal, even lets you purchase the trial and full version of the game with paypal.

I would love to see ALL games out there move to allowing paypal as a valid form of subscription payment at least (and allow for purchases of the game and expansions would be even better) but I realize it comes with fees (although credit card purchases also come with fees) and the like. Of course this is just for me personally I realize that not everyone uses paypal as their ‘method of payment’ for video games so it’s exceptionally opinionated.

Does anyone else out there wish that this were the case? Or am I the only one who would rather not use my credit card to make these monthly purchases?

** Also please keep in mind that the paypal debit card is NOT available to Canadians, so while I think it’s a fantastic idea, it’s not something I personally can make use of. **

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  1. Yea, I really do like games that let you pay via paypal. It allows for even more impulse buying 🙂

  2. victorstillwater

    I support multiple payment methods, but moreso if those alternate payment methods are supported by the retailers.

    In the Philippines, no one really sells game time cards for anything other than WoW.

  3. It’s not something I’ve really thought about. I use either a debit card or credit card for just about everything. I do have a PayPal account, but I just use that for making purchases from small sites that only offer that for a payment method.

  4. I am quite the opposite.

    I do not buy stuff on eBay where Paypal is the only accepted form of payment for instance.

    Why? I do not want to wait till I transferred money from my bank account over to Paypal to buy something. And I do not want to transfer a guesstimated amount of money in case I want to buy “something”. I did this once, guess what, my paypal account was 4,90 EUR short.

    Well, as I just said, I prefer my credit card.

  5. @Longasc – see I don’t have that issue, because I have a paypal balance almost at all times. I’m never transferring funds, and I do have my credit card attached to the account so in the off chance that I’m short for some odd reason it will take it from my credit card instead.

    Again, this is specific to my situation in particular because I get paid via paypal for all of my freelance work, and I simply leave it in my balance as ‘fun money’ – I can certainly see how if you’re not using a general balance, a credit card is more handy. I just wish more gaming companies would open up a little bit and allow for a bigger audience as far as payments go.

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