10 Hours Later

Killing Goblins

Killing Goblins

I spent a huge chunk of time playing Darkfall yesterday and you know what? I had an amazing time. It surprised me. I’ve invested about 10 hours into the game now, and my 1 week trial ends tomorrow. I’m contemplating picking up the game for three months, as there is a limited time promotion right now where you can get the game + 3 months of subscription for $60. I am still under the ‘newbie protection’ which may change my opinion slightly, but I’m acting as though I am not.

Before I get into my own experience I have to say, last night I was able to witness something that I had never seen before in any other game I play. There is a clan called “Goon Squad” – no idea if they are related to the EVE corp. They “wardec’d” (declared war) on a clan that I only know as “New” – suddenly, my screen (wardec’s flash along the top of your screen) was spammed with 50+ other clans declaring war on Goon Squad. Apparently, if you value population, you do NOT wardec New. It was incredible. Channels went crazy. I don’t know enough about the politics to understand who either of those clans are, nor the 50+ that joined in the fight, but it was exhilarating and I felt very bad for Goon Squad even if they didn’t deserve it.

As for myself, I learned a valuable lesson. Goblin Shaman HURT, and spells are difficult to master. Or rather, aiming to cast a spell is difficult. Archery is even more difficult. I haven’t played a FPS – ever unless you count my brief stint playing duck hunt on the nintendo way back when. I died a few times, managed to run back and loot my corpse. I’ve made it a habit to drop everything except the essentials into my bank, and I keep a spare of everything in there too.

Inventory is a little odd, and for an OCD person like myself it’s not fun. There’s no real way to organize things, and item icons can overlap one another so when it comes to picking what you need out of the pile it can be very frustrating. It’s also not very packrat friendly. It does teach me to game differently, which I can appreciate.

So far I’ve focused on working up my skills while I am still under the newbie protection. I’ve been working up running, sprinting, crouching, weapons, wearing different types of armor. I’ve worked on swimming, and I’ve worked on harvesting skills which can increase things like wisdom and vitality. I’ve delved very briefly into crafting which I can already see I am going to enjoy a huge amount. I love the danger aspect to the game, and I haven’t even stepped out of the beginner lands yet.

I LOVE the fact that it is a skill based game without levels. I treat it much like EVE, except in Darkfall if you are without skills you die, simple as that. In EVE I can at least get by. The game reminds me of Fallen Earth in combat controls, and Vanguard as far as harvesting. I actually like the graphics, especially since I spend very little time ever looking at my ugly avatar. There’s a LOT of blood, which is interesting for someone who is typically not into gore. I adore the fact that I have 0 restrictions, that I can learn anything I want, and multi class as much as I want.

Community leaves much to be desired in some aspects, and in others it’s great. I received two very friendly clan invites from people who help out new players. The ‘race alliance’ channel (termed RA from now on) is absolutely horrible. A mass of epeen stroking prepubescent males (yes, I am being stereotypical here) who have nothing better to do then rag on one another. I’ve already been called a boy more times then I can count *snickers* if I ever DO join a clan and if they require vent or some such they’ll be in for a surprise.

My PvP experience so far is limited to goblins, which is fine by me. I would like to attempt to play this game ‘my way’ and enjoy what I want to do. I’m guessing I’ll lean more towards working on harvesting and crafting and then selling these items to people who are heavy into PvP. I’d love to form some alliances through this method of game play, but we shall see.

Of course, I know I’m going to get killed. I’m going to lose everything I own. However. Like EVE, I think about this game in terms of skill. Sure, I can lose everything – but I won’t lose the skills I’ve worked up. That’s what is most important to me. Not the belongings I have but the time and skills I’ve developed along the way.

It’s going to be one interesting adventure, that’s for sure.

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  1. Isn’t feeling bad for Goon Squad kind of like feeling bad for the 8th grader who steals a 1st grader’s lunch money then rubs his face in dog poop?

  2. Since I have no idea what Goon Squad actually *did* if anything (only know that they wardec’d NEW) I don’t know if they actually deserved to have 50+ clans suddenly hunting them down like dogs. That’s why I feel bad. πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m really glad you’re trying DF, Stargrace, because it’s so nice to get a respectable, non-bias opinion of the game. I think DF is one of those MMORPGs that really polarises people and then we get very strong opinions about how great it is or how terrible it is, making it very difficult for outsiders to actually judge the game.

  4. I think there’s not a lot of GOOD NEWS coming out of Darkfall…a lot of people just know it as that “ganking game with the terrible UI”. As someone said via Twitter, it sounds a lot like original UO, even down to the gridless inventory. It’s nice to see an objective point of view on this title. πŸ˜€

  5. victorstillwater

    Some backgrounder for you, as I completely missed that because I was out the whole day.

    NEW is basically a neutral guild sponsored and supported by many powerful alliances in Darkfall. Its purpose is essentially to be a starter clan for newbies who come into the game looking for assistance.

    In NEW, newbies are helped to learn the basics of combat in a relatively safe environment, with the backing of many guild leaders. As such, the SupremeGeneral of NEW even managed to acquire a City for the use of NEW as a hub of operations.

    The catch with NEW, however, is that every NEW member can only spend 30 days in the guild before they are forced to graduate from NEW and find their own way in the world.

    Goon Squad, I have little info on, but basically, I remember something about them being a Something Awful forum group dedicated to making life hell for other gamers.

    That said, it would be natural for Goon Squad to try to attack NEW… but the response from said declaration of war would naturally be an alliance of big and small guilds bent of protecting NEW.

    That’s all. Feel free to add it into your post as background info if you want. πŸ™‚

  6. Interesting, NEW sounds a lot like EVE University, which is player run corp that focuses on educating new players.

    And Victor confirms it, Goon Squad from DF is the same people as Goon Fleet (well formerly since their alliance problems). The Goons are famous across multiple games for being griefers and a-holes, so I’m not surprised about their actions in Darkfall. Good to see the rest of the DF players let them know it won’t be tolerated.

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