Old gamers never die, they just load a saved game…

The first I heard about this blog was from Stargrace’s original post talking about gamers moving from one game to the next.  My first thought was my own migratory patterns.  I find myself going back to older games.

And going back.

And going back.

I talked to star about it a little bit off and on, and decided that I don’t have much to say, but I do like to say it.  Here:

I like old games.  I like games that are more about how you set your toon up, and how you move through the world and the story rather than making everything shiny and new and graphically intense.  I like stellar graphics, too, don’t get me wrong.  But that’s not what cranks my clock.

So, I told Stargrace I’d like to write a little about old games, because you should always write what you know about.

About Rouac

Just a guy living in the Northwest, writing and gaming and going about his day.

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  1. That is why Allods Online is different. It sort of goes back old school where you put points into stats, talents, and rubies.

    I love it because it takes away all the cookie cutter specs. Of course people love to copy peoples builds, but I refuse to do it.

    I want to build a character to my playstyle, and not be like 99% of the other people playing my same class.

  2. Allods? I’ll have to check that out. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

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