The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

I know I’ve said this before about EVE, but I love how even if you’re restricted to logging in a few brief moments a week in a busy schedule you are still making progress. It gives people a great reason to keep up an active subscription even when they don’t have the time to log in and play. Lately, that person is me. I just don’t have an endless supply of time (and I really wish I did).

Yesterday I finally finished off Mechanic V – which means I am now set to researching with Auflaerdt Blala, in Yona. I bought myself a little Tristan so that I could run some L1 missions, realized I couldn’t use missiles, so I trained for a missile launcher and some standard missiles. Then just to switch things up a little I added every skill that I had only injected and not actually trained and got them all up to 1. After all that was done (training skills to 1 barely takes any time even if you DO have a fair number of them) I loaded up EVEmon and took a look at my hulk plan to see where I was at. It’ll still take me 52 days to train towards flying a hulk, not to mention fitting it, and of course affording it. Getting set to research was expensive. I also decided only being able to use one drone sucked, so I trained that, now I can at least use two.

I don’t think I want to go beyond the Tristan on my main account, since I’m trying to work towards the hulk – but that IS in the works for my 2nd account. I’m close to being able to fly the Iteron V for hauling (need to keep the ISK flowing after all) and then I’ll get that account a little tristan too, and then maybe work towards a cruiser. I’ve discovered that I quite enjoy missions, and not just the ones that send me all over fetching things.

Oh, right. Before I do any of that I also wanted to get the 2nd account into some R&D so that I can try to gain twice as many datacores.

Thank goodness that while I may not be able to spend a whole lot of time in game flying, I do have an endless supply of time passing by, and if training skills should happen to fill that gap, then all the better.

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  1. Wow, I wish I had that many short skills left. I’ve still got a few in the 8 hour range, but most are more like 1 day 22 hours or longer. . . . .

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