Why It’s Important to Feed your Server Hamsters

SOE Server Hamster Battlegrounds have yet to be up a full week since they were released and I’m not surprised. This is how the story goes.

Servers share databases. They are “clustered” together. There are a few servers that share a cluster with the “new” battleground server. You know what servers these are. These are the servers that experience incredible lag, lost connections, and missing characters each and every time the battlegrounds are running especially on weekends when the battlegrounds are at their peek. So far the battlegrounds have been brought down each time these issues occur but not until more then two or three days of issues has gone by first.

Angry? Yes. More then just a little. I feel that this is unacceptable. Sentinel’s Fate was an expansion that came out in February (when we are used to expansions releasing in November, that makes it three months later then usual already) and here we are almost into April and still experiencing horrific issues. I was unable to zone without it taking more then 15 minutes (I am not alone in this issue before you start ranting that I need a better computer stfu) and once I did manage to zone into an instance my entire group would get dropped to character select where our characters would all display a ‘server is down’ message and only show four of our characters instead of the full list. If we attempted to log any character in we were told that our characters could not be found and then spent 20 minutes attempting to patch and re-enter the game.

This lasted the whole weekend until Sunday night when battlegrounds were brought down and then suddenly all was well and we were able to zone again. Sony has been fairly quiet about the whole issue only posting when they have to despite the huge outcry on forums everywhere. Lets not even get started on the fact that battleground gear is better then a lot of pve gear forcing players to participate and comes with its own set of problems aside from the ones that affect the pve servers.

This is just another indication to me of how Sony wasted resources and time developing something (and not even developing it fully before pushing it public) that does more harm then good. I may be alone in my thoughts on this but some how I don’t think so.

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