Classic Adventure Gaming: Gobliiins!

Exciting news from Grand Old Games today that made me nostalgic for the old days of adventure gaming. In the early 90s Sierra released a game from Coktel Vision called Gobliiins! and after its success two more in the same world. All three are now up on as a package for $5.99, and if you enjoy point and click adventure games they are well worth the price.

Adventure games are typically puzzle solvers in the vein of Zork or the King’s Quest series. You play a character traveling a worldmap made of squares, collecting items and using them to solve puzzles and advance the game. Gobliiins distinguishes itself by adding another dynamic to this, multiple characters that have different abilities. In the first game you control three goblins, each able to interact with the environment in different and often highly amusing ways.

The story is this: King Angoulafre of the goblins has gone frothing mad. A potion can be made to cure him, but only by the missing goblin wizard Niak. Your team has to venture from the goblin lands into the wide world to search for the wizard and cure the king. From this simple story comes a game filled with humor and fun that I spent alot of time on in my middle school years.

The second game in the series continued this theme and brought more laughs and more difficulty for veterans of the first. Your two characters Fingus and Winkle travel across fantastic lands and into the ocean depths to find the castle of the demon Amoniak. The demon has stolen the Prince Buffoon you see, and you are the rescue squad. New to the second game is a limited hint system to balance out the difficulty and many more scenes.

If you enjoyed Space Quest or King’s Quest and are in the mood for some humor give these games a try. You won’t regret it, take my word for it. Here’s hoping that GoG can  license more of the Sierra catalog, and perhaps branch out to Lucas Arts titles as well! A little time traveling mayhem from Day of the Tentacle would make an excellent companion to today’s goblish buffoonery.

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  1. All your posts on nostalgic Sierra gaming make me want to play these old series again. I loved just about everything Sierra put out, and remember hours and hours of gaming fun in the various worlds they created. But, a question – the last time I tried to play KQ1, I had trouble getting the game to run at a speed that was playable. Everything was sped up and characters were flying all over the monitor with the minor tweak of a button. Any suggestions on slowing the processor down so I can actually play? I’ve got ALL of the old games on disc still, so am installing original software. Running Win XP, and would love some advice!!

  2. There are several ways people play old games, but most involve using a program to either slow down your processor speed or emulate a DOS environment for the game to run in. Of these, DOSbox is probably the most widely used and it’s free!

    The benefit of getting these old games for is they have the executables pre packaged to run in DOSbox, no fiddling required. But the program isn’t hard to use either and these old games are great to play again!

  3. Woohoo!! I installed it today. The old games work great! I was tootling around in Daventr within minutes. Thanks for the info!!

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