GameCrush: Be a Player?

Why not game with a pretty girl

I had heard about this site first from Scopique to begin with and then I was astounded as a local radio station here mentioned the web site in more then just passing fancy. The site is down right now so I can’t confirm the details I had heard but the basics are pretty clear.

For a small fee, you can play video games with ‘hot chicks’ and there are two methods, flirty, and dirty. They involve web cams.  I believe (rough guess here) that prices were $6 for 10 minutes of flash games, and $8 for XBox live games (that include 4 titles).

I get that sex sells. The ladies make 60% off of every sale, and the site (from what I had heard) had quite a few people already scheduled. The first question that came to my mind was not anything that related around a sexual nature but – were the girls actually any good at playing these games.

I also wondered if the people partaking in this site had ever played an MMO before because (in my 6 years of experience) it’s not difficult to find what they’re offering online, and for free. Of course aesthetics may play a pretty big part, if you’re really particular about gaming with someone who is ‘hot’ this may be just the site for you. I tend to game with a lot of females, and I’ve never had to pay.

I wonder if people would pay more if the women were good at the games? Also, where’s the option for women to game with hot guys?

Anyhow. I’m honestly surprised a site like this hasn’t come up sooner. I suppose as gaming (in general) becomes more and more mainstream (lets face it, gamers used to be a minority and something you would actively hide from non-gamers, now it’s very out there) we’ll see more sites like this and others that attempt to hook you up with other gamers.

The site doesn’t offend me (as either a gamer or a woman) because obviously the women know what they’re getting into when they decide to “work” here, and the people who are paying for the service, well. At least it’s a little creative.


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  1. There were quite a few comments on this over at the Border House blog (, and they may be able to point out some of the potentially less-savory aspects of the service. There are some good points in there, like how Xbox Live feels about their service as a gateway for potentially “adult” services, and how this entire premise is built upon the worn out stereotype of “gamers” as solitary and socially awkward males who can’t communicate with females.

    I guess if people want to spend money on “adult” webcam chat, this is really no different then people who frequent sites of the same nature, dedicated to other specificities. It just so happens that this comes to our fore because it’s gaming related.

    Pete made a good point on Twitter, RE the excission of the “hostesses” from the upcoming Yakuza 3 here in the Western market: If you play that game along with a girl from this service, is that like putting the “hostess” aspect back IN?

  2. I saw this pop up on Twitter yesterday and I laughed a little bit. For some reason, even though this seems rediculous to me, I see it being wildly successful. I wonder if I can buy stock in it?

    I’d never pay for the privilage to play a game with a girl though. At least as an MMO player I find myself playing with them all the time!

    And some girly men…

  3. I hope you don’t start charging me to play with you.

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