The one constant for me, in my gaming, is relationships.  More than the actual games I remember the people I played them with.  I remember lan parties playing Diablo 2 with my friends from all over the state.  We’d gather just to play for a weekend and then go back to life.  I remember Allen, the guy who got me into EverQuest (and subsequently, EQ2).

Do you remember who got you into endgame of your favorite game?  For me, that was Dewdrops, and she introduced me to raiding.  We had a falling out over stupid guild drama, but she was and is a good raider and a good friend to have.

Do you remember the first group you ran around with that you really enjoyed?  That group is still running around, and Oski’s still leading it, but the heart of it is still Herq.  Herq’s one of the best people I’ve ever met through gaming.

Herq’s also the first person I knew originally from gaming that I met face to face.  Do you remember yours?

The most recent relationship that I’ve found that will be sticking with me is with Stargrace.  And the reason she’s on my list is that she challenged me to re-start submitting my writing for publication.  If not for her challenge, my stories would still be gathering virtual dust in my hard drive, instead of being slated for publication.

Who do you have that you remember as a lasting influence on your life or your gaming?

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  1. I completely agree it was totally about the relationships. My 1st MMO was Star Wars Galaxies. I played it with a group of about 15 co-workers and some spouses played too, so we could field a pretty large group if/when we went out on “PA Hunts.” What made it even more fun was that the following day at work we’d create a big chat room in our in-house chat program, talk about what we’d done the night before, make plans for the next get-together, and even some long-range plans of where we wanted to go with our characters and such.

    I had a 2nd account and with that toon I joined a social guild that focused on the entertainer professions and doing player-run activities. We got the the point that Pex would fly in to our activities on his shuttles and give out goodies, so I think we did all right 😉

    Thing was though, while those activities and the out-of-game experiences with friends were perhaps “high points” what really made the game for me was the day to day stuff we did, getting to know the people, etc. I’ve actually met one of the “social guild” members a couple of times IRL in spite of living states away from each other, and have phone numbers and contact with a few other members to this day. For me, this was the true value of that game.

    Under SOE’s station pass thingie, I logged in to the game again around the time of the 1st big “demolition thing” whenever that was. As I ran around the old stomping grounds I became quite nostalgic, bot for the places, but for the people I’d run around those places with, and especially the ones I’d lost contact with. I was quite surprised by the strength of my reaction, but if anything, it brought home to me just how much it really was the people I played with that “made the game” for me.

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