Losing It All

Losing it All

The goblins stared me down. I was practicing using wands, which (like arrows) requires a lot of coordination in Darkfall. This is where the FPS mechanics come into play, and you have to aim. Not only do you have to aim, but the mobs (and players of course) are constantly moving around. It would just be too easy if they stood still for me.

I took aim and began my assault on a particularly feisty goblin, drool running down his chin. I was so focused on that one particular battle that I did not notice the little shorty who had run up and was hacking away at my ankles. See, FPS is in first person, of course. I could see in front of me but trying to look at multiple targets is a problem.

I died. Hit the ground like a sack of stones.

Now, I’m still under newbie protection for a few more hours (not many are left) and I wasn’t that concerned. Except my computer decided for whatever reason it was time for a life lesson. My keyboard stopped functioning at all, even after unplugging it and plugging it back in. That means there was absolutely no way for me to move to my corpse in Darkfall and retrieve my items. I didn’t really think too much of this situation at the time, I glanced at the map to get a rough idea of where my tombstone would lay, and logged out a moment so that I could restart the computer (and hope that the keyboard worked) which it did.

Logging back into game I meandered over to where I thought my corpse was. Huh. No tombstone. Interesting. I noticed that the two goblins I had killed vanished quickly, and I scoured the area looking for the slight blue tinge that marked my stone. No luck.


After a few minutes I shrugged this off. That means I lost everything that wasn’t in my personal bank. All of my gear, any food drink or potions that were in that one bag, all of my harvesting tools, all of the loot and quest updates that I had accumulated, all of it was just gone. Now, I thought the first time this happened I’d have been engaged in some bloodthirsty pvp battle and have a heroic tale to speak of, but instead it was just me versus some goblins that I couldn’t see. It doesn’t make for nearly as exciting a tale.

Was I upset? Maybe for about a fraction of a second. After all, I was wearing some quested gear that I thought was pretty neat. Losing all of my harvesting tools was a big downer. BUT. I had also been preparing for this moment. I keep all of my cash in the bank. I keep an extra set of gear and weapons in there, and I also keep all of my crafting tools in there. These are expensive (to me at least) and not something that I want to replace all of the time.

Replacing the harvesting tools was not so bad, 20g each piece. Of course now I’m running around with my second hand gear and weapons which is not nearly as nice as the quested gear I had before, but I’m confident that it won’t make too much of a difference.

I hope whichever goblin found all my stuff enjoys it.

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  1. Excellent story. It also I think, is a classic example of the dangers of systems that punish & reward. Darkfall has developed a system in which you REALLY DON’T WANT TO DIE. I love this. And I wish more games would go back to having a bit more incentive for you to stay alive.

    And in theory, such systems work great if the only way for you to die was, well, in glorious battle. Because if you die because you were being foolish or you were hopelessly outmatched, well then you say, shame on me, you learn from the experience, and you go foward.

    Unfortunately, computer systems are not referees, and they are far from infallible, and it’s far too easy to die through circumstaces that are completely unavoidable. Or in this case, too easy to not be able to get to your corpse due to a technical malfunction.

    The first time this happens the player is all “well that sucked, but it’s no big”. And they press on. But after the third, or fourth, or dozenth time that a player loses hours and hours of hard work because AT&T decided to reboot their servers or because your wife said you need to unload groceries right this minute or simply because your video card froze for 15 seconds, and when you came back you’re dead and everything around you is gone.. Well it’s the rare player that can endure this for more than a few times before just saying “yeah, I think I’ll play something else”.

    I love systems that put difficulty obstacles in front of you and then reward you for overcoming them. But a good death penalty has to do two things. Making you fear death is only one half of the equation. It should also make it really hard to actually die.

    Great story. Hope you continue to enjoy your time in Darkfall.

  2. I punish MYSELF for dying; I don’t really need the game to do it for me. My incentive to not die is my personal desire to always play well and not make mistakes which lead to death.

    That said, I get why other players really feel they “need” to have a death penalty – as many other players don’t have the “self induced death penalty” that I have, and so play badly when there’s no death penalty.

  3. victorstillwater

    When you die, your corpse shows up as a blue tombstone which can be looted by other players much like an enemy corpse.

    Chances are, someone looted EVERYTHING you had on your corpse, which makes the tombstone disappear. 😦

    sorry for your loss though. *hugs*

  4. @victor – don’t be sorry at all! I’m not upset by the fact that I died, or that I lost everything. It’s something that happens and that I fully expect especially in Darkfall! I just wish my story had of been more exciting then “I couldn’t move because of my keyboard malfunction, and a goblin smushed me” – lol.

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