Losing it all in EVE Online


I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. What I didn’t count on was the fact that it would actually not be my main account that lost her first ship, but my 2nd account. Yesterday I decided to go out mining in the retriever, and in true form I took the Iteron V out to haul for me. I rarely pay much attention when I’m out mining, but yesterday I really should have (and I will from now on).

I’ve heard of can “flipping” but had never experienced it. What typically happens to me is that someone takes everything out of my can (and that only includes 1 ore at any time) and then drops their own can out there, thinking that some how I’m going to be silly and start taking things out of it. When they use this method it rarely works, because I notice right off the bat that my can poofs, and a new one is out there.

Flipping a can is different.

What “flippers” do is put an item into your can – and this can be as much as they want or as little as one tiny ore, perhaps one that even matches the type you’re mining, so when they add it to your can you don’t even notice the digit go up by 1 extra. Such was the case for me yesterday. Typically I move between my two accounts without really thinking, I put all the ore into the can with one account, and switch over to the second and take it out in a matter of seconds. Yesterday this proved to be my downfall. As soon as I put ore into the container the person trailing me put theirs in, and I moved to the second account and removed the ore – thus flagging me to them, and they took advantage of it and killed me right away.

Now, I wasn’t as upset about this as I could have been. Number one, I wasn’t podded but even if I was, I had no augments to speak of and it’s not that big of a deal. Number two, sure I lost the ship but the corp bank had five more. Number three, it was fit VERY simply, for max space. I lost the ship and five cargo II expanders. The downside is that I also lost three rigs that Kasul had made for me. These are expensive when you purchase them from the market, although it’s not so bad if you make them yourself. I was still pretty sad that I lost those.

Two hours later and the new Iteron V was fit exactly like the old, and I was back out mining. This time paying VERY CLOSE attention to whether my container is yellow or white as I removed items from it and paying far more attention to my surroundings. It only takes one time for you to learn your lesson and smarten up about that sort of thing.

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  1. Thank you for at last teaching me about what can flipping is. I’ve heard of it but never quite got my head around of how it works.

    (Gee… the Security in the future is pretty low, eh?)

    Tell me: what *should* you have done to not have countered the thing. You write of “yellow” and “white”… is the can-owners stuff any different color? Can people fill your can so you can’t put stuff in?

    EVE seems weird, at times. 🙂

  2. 1. When you own a can, it shows as white to you (little icon in the overview). When someone else owns it, it shows as yellow. If I had of just been watching that (I rarely do when I am out mining by myself unless a name turns RED which means bad) I wouldn’t have taken anything out of the container, and I wouldn’t have flagged myself to them.

    2. You COULD fill the can, but you can always call up a new one. Cans are huge. That’s why I use them (when I own a bigger ship this won’t be an issue) since my mining ship fills up way too fast. It’s just a cargo container that floats in space. In highsec (security is high) you can’t have secure cans. In lower sec (.6 and lower I think?) you can. People can’t steal from these ones (they’re smaller too).

    The cops don’t get involved in civil disputes, so if someone is doing this they’ll leave you be. It makes for some tricky mining.

    Another way to avoid this is mine in really highsec (1.0) where there are no rats. There’s also very few players because there’s nothing to blow up out there (or at least this has been my experience so far).

  3. Sounds like a good learning experience, and only slightly painful.

    For myself, I’m always very suspicious anytime someone warps into the area I’m at, especially if they then start to head into the same area as me. I have an overview preset for mining that also flags everyone not in my corp with a yellow background so that they stand out, just for the situation you described.

  4. Thanks for the explanation.

    Did I get this right: If I use a canister it is “mine”. But if anyone put anything in after me, it’s suddenly theirs -and I can’t take anything out of there? Tell me I got it wrong… X-)

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