LotRo First Impressions

So, I’m trying my hand at a new game.  I couldn’t get Fallout2 (aka the greatest game ever made) to work on Windows7, so I loaded and am trying Lord of the Rings Online.  I thought I’d throw out my first impressions.

It’s a little older than I thought it’d be.  For some reaons I was thinking this game was released about six months prior to Aion.  Don’t ask me why: the last movie (and thus, the popularity that would have spawned an mmo) is already several years old.

But starting from the beginning – I’m on a ten day trial, no credit card required.  Can I just say that’s really really cool?  All of the other games I’ve trial’ed require a CC or some form of payment that you have to cancel if you decide the game’s not for you.

Downloading the game was straightforward and relatively quick.  Click this link, download for an hour, log in.

I have always watched the opening movies for games.  You know, when you first start a game for the first time, there’s a cinematic intro that you may not see ever again in some cases (I’m too lazy to look, but one of the most recognizable cinematics is the Fallout intro.  Say it out loud and try not to hear it in the proper, raspy voice-over, “War… War never changes…”  Classic I tell ya.)… back on topic:  LotR’s opener is well done, makes you want to jump in right away.  So I did.

If you’re familiar with the novels or the movies, from the descriptions of the classes you can play, you’ll have a good idea which class you want to be just by looking at the titles.  Except for minstrel.  Minstrel you’ll want to read before picking.  I picked a captain and started playing.

The combat system is chained (much like Aion) where in order to use a particular attack (or spell I’m assuming) you have to have used a different attack as a pre-requisite.  It’s not something I’m used to, but it looks like it’s got a small learning curve.  The only part that really bugged me is that you don’t auto-face.  You can’t attack unless you’re facing your target (obviously)… With my background almost entirely based in eq and eq2, I ended up giving mobs a nice clear shot at my back several times before I managed to get faced the right way.  Cumbersome, I tell ya!

Now that I have a better handle on what the icons mean on the map, I like the map system a lot.  It’s more like a real map and less like connect-the-dots.

The short version of all this is that I enjoyed the game, and I’m going to keep playing it.  In fact, the more I think about it, the better I like it.  Time to go work on that learning curve some more.

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