Setting Goals in EVE Online

Setting Goals

EVE makes a fantastic 2nd game choice as I’ve said many times before. When you’re not online playing you’re still working up your skills. I absolutely love this method and it keeps my two subscriptions active. I’ve touched briefly on the fact that you need to make your own goals in game in order to enjoy playing, and I’d like to discuss it a bit more.

I have two accounts and each have very different goals. On my “main” account I’m working towards flying a hulk (23 days away and counting) which is “end game” mining for me. I’m also working on research and development, so I can create blueprints and then try to actually build the ship myself. I have a little Tristan fit for L1 missions, but tend to stick to courier missions and basic salvaging.

The second account worked towards a hauler and can fly the Iteron V without any issues. I’ve also got her set up with a Vexor, which is a little gun heavy at the moment (thanks Kasul, lol) but is fit with nice drones and can handle itself quite well. I’ve got a salvager fit to it at the moment and I’ve been running through belts looking for rats and wrecks to salvage. It’s fun.

David from our Corp is looking into setting up a POS for us in highsec which is going to be incredibly nice. He needs to do a lot of faction work for it, but it should be set up in a month or so (fingers crossed). I’m VERY excited about this.

The game is all about setting up your own goals, and then slowly working towards them. While it can be a little confusing if you’re unsure of what your goals ARE (or what options are available) it’s not that difficult to get a grasp on. So, what do others have set as goals? Let us here at Nomadic know below!

Until then, fly safe!

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  1. This, for me, is the biggest draw. I get to make my own fun, and if I’m not having fun it means I’m responsible.

    That said, there’s also something to the “theme park” MMO’s too. Sometimes it’s nice to just let the game take the responsibility for entertaining me.

    I find I like the balance of going back and forth from EQ2 to EVE.

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