Free room in the skill queue

Even places inside look amazing

One of the most exciting things that happens throughout my day game wise is learning from EVEMon that I have free room in the skill queue in EVE Online. It makes me giddy, trying to plan out which skill will be taking up those free hours next (or in my case lately, days upon days) and figuring out which can wait so that I can see empty time sooner rather then later.

My 2nd account has been training Hull Upgrades V for the last 12 days and today I finally have a smidgen of free time in the Queue. Once this skill is completed it’s back to training for the Dominix which should take seven days. I’m excited about flying this ship, as my second account has been doing nothing but training for the last few months and hauling for my main account. My main account also has free time in her queue this morning, after finishing up Gallentean Starship Engineering IV which will allow me to work with a L4 R&D agent (for those specific cores at least) as well as granting me a much higher amount of RP a day. I should be able to purchase an entire core a day, which really pleases me. Another day or two and I’ll be able to purchase enough for another hulk blueprint attempt. I’ve been putting off finishing up training for the hulk because it’s a 23d training skill and that seems like such an incredibly long time to go without seeing the message that makes me so happy. I keep reminding myself that I’m in this for the long haul, and that flying the hulk instead of the retriever will be well worth it. Some how, that hasn’t been enough to convince me to put Mining Barge V into the queue. Maybe today will be the day.

We’ll just have to see. In the mean time I’ve been training social skills, negotiation, and would like to eventually move all of my learning skills up to V. I’ve easily got the next year of EVE planned out on paper, whether or not I stick with that plan is another matter all together.

Fly safe!

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  1. In re: learning skills — get the rank 1’s to 4, then the rank 3’s to 4 before worrying about getting the rank 1’s to 5 — it’s faster that way, really.

    I have free time in my queue today too. I finish Amarr Cruiser 5 tonight! Took me just under 19 days, and is my 2nd “racial cruiser” to 5. And I can fully T2 fit everything right now also. Time to buy a Zealot tomorrow, methinks. . . . . . . .

  2. Aaargh! This is making me want to try Eve again. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I’m still paying for Fallen Earth and I’ve not touched that in a month.

    Can you make the game sound bad in your next post? That way I can save myself a few quid by not making an impulse re-sub. Much obliged

  3. pip – You can always sign up and join our corp and have fun too 😉

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