Guild Selection

During my time in mmos I’ve joined many guilds.  This is no surprise to most of you as I imagine you have all done the same thing.  I used to scour the forums and guild sites to find the right one for me.  One of my criteria was size, shallow I know.  The bigger the better.  More players means more people to play with, right? More chance of a group; more chance of making friends.  I wouldn’t automatically pick a guild because it was the biggest, but if it came down to a choice of guilds which sounded good, I’d go for numbers every time.

I was on the lookout for a new guild on the Runnyeye server in ‘EQII’ and stopped myself from doing the same thing again.  I thought about my guild on WoW which isn’t massive at all.  But it was founded by friends I had made when I ran a guild on our old server.  One of which was a real life friend I’d recruited.  I thought of how good it feels that  everyone says hi when you log on.  It may only be several people saying hi or grats, but in larger guilds I’ve found that it’s a mere handful of people who do that anyway.  The rest are there to make up numbers, a bit like npcs really.

I’ve done a complete turnaround on what to look for in a guild.  The one I joined on runnyeye warned me that they weren’t the biggest or most active at endgame.  That they do run dungeons when they get a chance but raiding may be a long way off yet.  What they didn’t realize was that the more things they apologized for, the more they were selling it to me.

I don’t know everyone in the guild, but they all say hi when I log on, and that beats numbers every time.

About pipjames

Phil James is a husband, father and stand-up comic. He lives in Sheffield, England with his beautiful wife, Fay. When he is not thinking about her, he is thinking about video games. When he is not thinking about games, he is thinking about food. When he is not thinking about food, he is sleeping.

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  1. I just went through this recently after deciding to move to the AB server. I rolled an alt to test the waters, and around level 15 i think it was started looking at the guild window. I ended up using crafting and mature humor as my search criteria and I think I found a pretty cool guild. It’s good enough that at least 7 toons have been moved over between the 4 of us…

    Sometimes taking a chance totally pays off.

  2. Isn’t that great! I used to think that same way when choosing a guild. Now I’ve learned that taking the time to find the right guild for you, makes all the difference in the world. Im on the Oasis server and my main is only lvl 22. Im holding out for a smaller group like your new guild. Its nice to enjoy a game and know that when you log in, someone is generally interested that you come to join them in a fun world away from reality.

    Beats having a giant guild hall or an active raiding crew any day.

  3. I don’t play EQII but I can relate over the guild search issue. Smaller guilds can be nice. It really depends on the players involved and what you make of it. Being in a good guild can really make all the difference.

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