What to do When You’re Stuck Training

Watch out for the Rats!

A lot of people seem to get put off by EVE for its skill training methods. Basically it’s time that progresses your character, and not always time in game. The big issue comes with what you do with yourself while you’re training one of these skills that takes a month (or more) to train. For example right now on my main account I’m training Mining Barge V – it’s the final skill I need before I can fly my (yet to be invented) hulk. I have 22 days and 9 hours left in my training as I type this. That means for 22 days I’ll be logging in unable to fly anything more then I already fly, or train any more skills. It does NOT mean that there’s nothing for me to do in game though.

Invention is certainly one thing I’ve been keeping up with. I’ve failed four times now and I’m determined to keep at it until I’m left with a shiny new hulk blueprint. It’s still far cheaper then purchasing a hulk myself, or even purchasing the blueprint. This just takes time, time for me to get the datacores. I’m currently earning 132 RP a day and with the daily mission from my R&D agent that’s over a core a day. I still want to get my standing a little higher so that I can earn a core a day before doing the daily mission, and that would mean two cores a day. A much better profit. Working missions takes time, and raising standing takes time.

Aside from that, there’s earning money. Money to afford better fittings, especially for that hulk I want to fly some time. There’s mining which is a pass time that I enjoy quite a fair amount even though it’s certainly not for everyone. There’s pvp (if I were into that) and the corp is working on obtaining a POS (player owned station) so that we can do invention at our own place instead of having to fly around searching for a public assembly line. You may argue that there’s only so many days you want to fly missions and raise standings while you’re training for such a long length of time, and this is true but that doesn’t mean that the game is closed off to you by any means. Refining your play style is also a fun way to pass the time. I’m horrible at probing, and I’d love to get a little better at it. The mechanics are just something that I’m not quite comfortable with.

The point of this post is that there are still LOTS of things players can do while training those skills that won’t be ready for a few days or weeks. The difficult part is figuring out what YOU want to do with that time, and then applying yourself to it. Finding out what options are available is always the first step. Don’t let the skill training method deter you from having a good time!

Fly safe!

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