…and so it begins

My return to Wow that is . This time around I rolled an ally Gnome mage on the Staghelm server with my previous experience being a Tauren Druid and Orc Hunter both 70. Why not 80 ? well I avoided buying the wrath expansion as I wanted to savor that content and keep something about the game thats fresh so to speak .

One thing I do is avoid pugs nowadays, I just no longer have the patience and its never been about the loot for me . I like to pvp, I guess thats a pug in its self but for some reason when things go south in Battlegrounds, I don’t get that annoyed . Pvping can be a lot of fun and almost always I play defense, I like to frost nova someone that grabs the speed boots and shoot up into the flag room hehe .

My Gnome mage is level 15 now, taking it slow with some fishing, cooking here and there. I am guildless and not really interested in joining one at this time but hopefully I can make some friends along the way although I doubt it, since a lot of people either talk in vent or guild chat and I rarely see chat other then the main city areas.

I’ll be posting more as time goes by but for right now just wanted to get this started. Since this is my first time writing , bear with me please. Well back into Azeroth for me, Happy Hunting as we used to say in Lineage 1

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