One Friendly Moment Towards a Better Server.

Recently a member (Branwyne) over at MMOvoices made a short video discussing the etiquette of players in LotRO.  It got the cogs of my rusted innards turning and thinking about community within MMOs yet again.

Community is one of the more important aspects of the MMO genre.  One might say the defining aspect.  Sure character progression and immersive story are great, but these are all things that we can tap into with single player titles.  We log into MMOs for the community.  Whether to smite them or aid them is entirely dependent on the individual… FOR THE HORDE!

Now while every server of every MMO has some form of community, not all are positive experiences for chuncks of the player base.  Flamming, griefing and general jack hattery could all be considered traits of a negative community.  If I’m visiting the local grocery to pick up some steaks (read: cooking quest) and some jerk in line slaps the food out of my hands or runs me down with a cart, chances are I won’t be back.  However one positive experience can go a long way.  Say I am not sure what is the best cut of steak (read: gear/skill/spec). The worker at the counter has an option to verbally backhand me with a fist full of, “OMG SO NOOB.”  They also have the chance to educate me on the ins and outs of what product will best suit the needs of my barbarian like appetite. Nothing huge.  They are not cooking the steak for me.  They are not delivering it to my grill.  Just giving me the knowledge to head in the right direction and get the best piece on it.

This same kinda of scenario is presented to us daily anytime we log into an MMO.  With the plethora of jerks, elitists, and twelve year old kids noob mongering the new player the process of a few nice gestures can really go a long way.  Whether it be educating the fresh high level toon with some tips, helping heal or buff the lower player in trouble, or otherwise just practicing being nice; these types of actions can have a huge impact on the community.

Think of it as a what comes around goes around or a Pay It Forward system.  Making one player’s day with one of these helpful actions or tips can mean helpful info for 5 more players down the road.  This really makes the community of games a better place.  Some of my best friends over the years have been made by starting with the desire to participate and help out other players.  Sure I could have called them noobs and moved on with my quests or instance grinds. In the end does that really make the server or game a more enjoyable place for any of us?

So with this in mind, why not take the little extra effort to make those newer or less knowledgeable characters a little more pro.  Show them what it means to participate and add to a community rather than slowly destroy it.

What are some of your positive experiences with MMO communities?

Thanks for reading.


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