Recruit a Friend Mount – Built for Two

Recruit a friend mount built for two

I had completely forgotten that I actually had two recruit a friend mounts to claim in WoW. I never bothered before because they require level 60 and I’ve never BEEN level 60 before. When I last remembered these mounts they were something resembling a horse creature and that’s what I was expecting when I went to redeem them. I was surprised when I did claim it and found out that it’s no longer the mount I thought it was, but instead it’s this flying rocket pictured above. Not exactly a fan of this one – but – one really neat feature is that TWO people can ride it (and it can fly). I’ve never seen a mount built for two before though if I recall the motorcycle mount also allows for two riders. Neat! I still wish it were something better then a rocket pained like a shark, but ah well I suppose I can’t really be too picky.

My priest inched her way to level 63, once again doing dungeons with the LFD tool. The first instance went pretty smooth, back to The Blood Furnace. I was hoping a robe I wanted would drop, but my luck has always been pretty horrible. A nice belt upgrade dropped but I lost to a warlock. Ah well! I did another run through The Blood Furnace with a friend, and one person died by stepping on a mine and then angrily said in group that dungeons were horrible and it was messing up their number of times killed count. Er, why would you go on a PUG dungeon if you were afraid of dying. That entire comment just didn’t make sense to me. We filled the slot, and continued on without any problems.

To end the evening I decided to try a dungeon on my lower level hunter, 43 to be exact. The instance was horrible and even though we had a paladin healing us we wiped numerous times and failed the zone. I just kept quiet and did my DPS thing, because – well. Because if you let every single PUG group get to you, you’re going to find yourself not enjoying the game, plain and simple.

Finished off the evening doing a few instances on the Deathknight to farm materials for crafting and to gear up alts. It wasn’t all bad, and I’m still really enjoying my time back.

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