Mobile Gaming: Bubble Defense

If you follow me on twitter @Kasul you may know that I recently upgraded to an Android phone. Android, like the iPhone and the iPod touch has a store that includes many free and buyable applications to run. Being a gamer, of course that was the first thing I looked for.

I enjoy many types of games on console and PC, but for gaming on a phone I tend to look for turn based or strategy games. The phone platform is poor for twitch games, making slow reflexes slower and anything that requires rapid movement frustrating. It’s personal preference I guess. Lately I’ve been really enjoying two tower defense games and I wanted to highlight one of them.

The game is called Bubble Defense, created by Second Gear Games. It is more whimsical in theme than most of the tower defense games I’ve played but is very strategic in play. Here your enemies travel along predefined paths that you put your towers alongside. Each map has multiple routes for enemy bubbles and limited spaces for your towers, so choosing what to place and when to upgrade is important. The game is paused while you place towers in between enemy waves, and the next wave begins when you wish it to.

Enemy bubbles come in several different varieties, and most when hit will turn into a bubble of the next lower color. So orange medium speed bubbles, become yellow slightly slower bubbles and finally green slow ones that pop with one hit. There are frozen bubbles immune to normal shots until hit by a flame tower, and black very slow bubbles that become white lightning bubbles; these zip by at hyper speed and in turn become three orange bubbles when popped. Most deadly are red devil bubbles, that take several hits and fire back, destroying your towers. Quick replacement is a must when facing these.

It is a fun game, and though placing towers can be frustrating on the touchscreen the action is paused in between waves to compensate. You have four types of towers available for use; single shot towers, towers that fire in six directions, the forementioned flame towers that act as normal single shot with the added ability to thaw frozen bubbles and warp towers that send bubbles back to the start of the path. Each type has two upgraded levels available to buy that improve both range and rate of fire.

Bubble Defense is a representative tower defense game with some twists that looks good and plays quickly. An average level is 30 waves and normally takes a half hour. If you’re looking for something to play on a lunch break or bus ride I would recommend it.

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