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Ah yes, another blog post about the recent announcement from SOE to release $25 mounts unto Norrath. There are a lot of those posts out there today, so you’ll just have to hear me out.

First of all. Did you know that over the last 5 years, the cost of pretty much everything has gone up? We’re not just talking video games here but homes, groceries, gas, every day things. Movies, books. You name it, and over the past five years it’s probably gone up in price. Even stamps have been steadily rising for the past few years (at least here in Canada). I do have a point.

One thing that has not really gone up over the time that I’ve been playing, is my subscription fees to the games I play. I think they may have risen once actually but the $15 cut off has been pretty steady for a good number of years.

Do I mind when a company comes up with another method of earning some money? No, of course not. It’s not the company being greedy, it’s the company doing what they’re supposed to be doing. They’re a business, and their job (I’m talking the ‘suits’ here, not the developers, not the community relations people) is to – you guessed it – make money.

Over the years games that lose players (it doesn’t matter what the numbers are, just that over time players move on, it’s a fact of the gaming industry) are forced down a number of paths. ONE of those paths is to entice new players to play and thus increase their revenue. Another, is to offer little ‘special offers’ to those who are already paying for the game, to entice them to spend more money.

No one is ‘forcing’ anyone to pay for a mount. In fact, SOE gives away so many dang mounts I’m surprised they went this route. If you bought the boxed version of The Shadow Odyssey, you got a cub mount that leveled up with you. If you bought Sentinel’s Fate Collectors Edition there was another mount waiting for you there. Every month paying customers receive 5 “free” booster packs to Legends of Norrath – where guess what, you can also happen upon another mount. Guilds can purchase mounts, there are mount vendors everywhere.You can buy mounts with shards, and if you can afford to support the game even further then you already do by giving your $15 away to SOE every month – and want to look a little more unique, then by all means, please help keep the game I love afloat and support it through RMT.

Am I personally going to purchase one of these mounts? No, I can’t justify the cost on my budget. If I had the spare cash then by all means I’d have no issues supporting a game that gives me hours of entertainment for $15/m.

Remember, everyone votes with their wallets.

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  1. Hear hear!

    RMT isn’t inherently bad, and SOE is more than deserving of our support.

  2. I completely agree — it’s a new appearance for a mount, but it’s only 65% speed, which is also semi-easily obtained in the game without using station cash.

    Personally, I’ve got the 55% rhino from the Fens and the 10% mount speed AA’s for 65% already. Further, I will be hiding my mounts once the option goes in, so a new mount that gives me an extra 10% run speed isn’t worth $25.00 to me. But with that said, the screenshots do look quite sweet, so I’ll admit to some minor temptation. . . . . .

  3. Just have to say: LOVE the headline!
    You’re right. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy anything. Running a MMO is still a business and it’s legitimate for SOE to try to earn some extra money with it. And no one should be whining about it as long as something like this doesn’t give the person who spends extra money some serious advantages over players who can’t afford it or just don’t want to spend more than they already do. But offering mounts, housing items, clothes, pets … that doesn’t really hurt anybody.
    I wouldn’t buy a mount for $25 but that’s just my decision. You want a mount for $25? Go ahead, good for you, it’s your choice.

  4. Great response and interesting take on things!

    I’m actually a lot less bothered about EQ2 doing this than WoW because EQ2 doesn’t have the huge subscription base that WoW does in order to fund continued developed. With Blizzard, I really have to ask myself if their millions of dollars revenue isn’t enough to satisfy them and give us those extras – like the sparkly pony – as a free in-game reward guesture instead of charging for it. And, as you said, SOE have a great track record of introducing new content for free.

  5. At first I was pretty upset about the idea of this mount giving stat bonuses (as you can see if anyone looks at my blog post on the matter ), but Tipa set me straight on the matter after explaining that most mounts in EQ2 provide stat bonuses and without them this mount would never sell.

    All in all, I have no problem with them charging so much for a mount. This is a special deal that wont last forever from the sounds of the advert. I really have no problem with RMT so long as the things you buy don’t convey some sort of special advantage. If Blizzard, or SoE or anyone can help fund these games by shilling virtual goods, more power to them.

    I know that Blizzard are swimming in pools filled with gold at this point, but they are still a business and their goal is to make money. I can’t fault them for doing it and give SoE a pass just because they need the money more.

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