Adventures in Eberron

A few months back, Ardwulf posted on his blog that he’d like to set up a “static group” to play DDO on Tuesday nights.  Quite a few of his readers (including me) responded, and so most every Tuesday since then the Disciples of Tharizdun guild has been terrorizing orcs and kobolds and bugbears (oh my!) as well as destroying a bunch of undead.  Most of us are in the level 5-6 range now, though one of use who doesn’t tend to be on as much is still level 4, and lately I’ve been playing a bit more so I’m level 7 on my “main” and have also worked up 2 characters to level 5.

It’s been an interesting experience.  DDO is quite unlike any other MMO I’ve played.  It’s combat style is far more action-oriented, with monsters running around, dodging your attacks, backing up out of range only to spring back in, etc.  As a result, it can feel quite frenetic at times, especially since you also are trying to dodge their blows, get to their sides or rear to gain bonuses to hit, etc.  Oddly, this makes the “pure melee” classes more or less the easiest to play — they really only have to auto-attack, so you can focus on your movement.  The healers and arcane casters have it a bit tougher since all that movement is in there plus either hitting hotkeys or trying to click on your spells whilst doing it.  Well… at least while solo.  In groups the casters tend to hang back a bot and focus more on either healing the group or picking off individual mobs, perhaps taking out enemy casters 1st, and so on.

We’ve been focused on the free to play parts so far, but most of us have bought the Catacombs adventure pack with points accumulated from favor gains we’ve made so far.   We’re fairly balanced in the group with a cleric, bard, me as a rogue/wizard, a barbarian, a fighter/rogue, and whoever shows up for the 6th group slot.  Sometimes it’s a wizard, sometimes it’s another barbarian, you never know who’s available on a Tuesday night.

For myself though, I have purchased all the content packs through “mid-level” as well as all the classes and races.  I’m finding that I simply love the warforged race.  Not needing to worry about armor or breathing (or poison, or disease, etc) is kinda nice.  They make excellent barbarians due to not being fatigued once the Rage wears off.  But anyway…. as a result of having purchased the additional content I get invited to groups on my rogue/wizard quite a lot so I’m not “stuck soloing” all the time.  It’s kinda funny, really — I get invited to groups more often due to my 1 rogue level than my 6 wizard levels.  Oh sure, they like the buffs and damage I provide, but the rogue ability to find and disarm traps is why I’m really along, most times.

Sadly, the last group I was invited to as a rogue I was not quite up to snuff.  It was a 4-quest chain that started level 7, but finished at level 9.  Me being at level 7, I just couldn’t find the traps in the level 9 adventures.  I’m told they have a difficulty of 24 to see them, and well…. my search skill is 9 (2 under the max for level), I had Heroism cast on me making it 11.  I used my +2 skill ability making it 13.  And I had a +6 from my Intelligence score, making it 19, and I had a +3 search item equipped, making it. . . . .22.  Short by 2 — the 2 I didn’t put in on my skills.  Now I know better for the future to keep Search maxed, ya know?  According to the forums I should have a +7 search item also, but I’ve not seen any on the auction house and don’t have a clue where I’d find one from adventuring.  As it is, I’m rather close to level 8, so I’ll catch it up then.

Level 8 should also be exciting since I will then gain the ability to cast 4th level spells.  I’m told the Wall of Fire spell will make me a soloing god, so… time will tell on that.

Do any of our readers here also play DDO?

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  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying DDO. I just recently got back into the game myself. If you ever jump on Sarlona feel free to send a tell to my Battle Cleric, Gutvyk!

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