It’s Time To Get Bigger

The Mighty Orca

The Mighty Orca

In one hour I’ll have Drones V completed on my 2nd account, and then I’ll be moving down the list to complete Gallente Drone Specialization, Heavy Drone Operation, and Drone Interfacing. I don’t plan on maxing them out quite yet (it’s not needed since I’m only running L2 missions) but eventually I’ll get that, too. My next ‘big’ project is to be able to fly (and purchase) my very own Orca on the 2nd account. I think this would be an amazing addition to my hulk, and again I’m pretty excited. I always get excited when I start working towards ships. It will take me 66 days to train to fly an Orca – and hopefully I’ll be able to raise the cash to purchase one in that time. The price point is around 400 mill ISK (give or take a few mill) and that means a LOT of saving up for me. It’s not realistic for me to build one myself this round, perhaps if I had a blueprint and means to obtaining the rare components. Buying all of those components would cost just as much as purchasing a ship.

Thankfully the domi is pretty good at running missions now, and once I get some faction will be even better. The hulk is raking in a fair amount of cash harvesting ore, and if I dedicate myself towards it I should be able to afford the Orca in time for my skill training to be complete. We’ll just have to see.

My main account is training electronics V in order to work with more R&D agents, and then it’s back to processing and other ‘craft’ like skills. I’m about ready to move on to a L3 CreoDron agent as well, which should be a nice change. Aside from that, I’m just flying the skies and having a blast.

Fly safe!

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