A Mid-Week EVE Update

Working on L3 Missions

I’ve been having a lot of fun in EVE, especially since the release of their newest expansion, Tyrannis. I completely forgot that all EVE expansions are free. I was hastily planning how to best purchase the expansion for my two accounts when Kasul reminded me that I wouldn’t have to purchase anything at all. This is a huge benefit for me, and I was almost giddy over that fact.

A vast wealth lies undeveloped on the planets beneath you, shaded by your mighty ships. We trust that you and your fellow pilots have been purchasing necessary scientific and planetary management skills and training them in preparation for the June 8th lifting of the ban on capsuleer involvement in planetary affairs. At that time, the various command centers (temperate, gas, etc) will be seeded to the market and the great land rush will commence as opportunistic pilots race to develop the most profitable planets and begin to reap the benefits of the production chains. Now is the best time to start planning for June 8th.

Exactly as the EVEOnline web site says, I have been training my planetary management skills on both accounts, in preparation for June 8th when the command centers will be seeded into the market. I’ve been doing this on both accounts along with Kasul in the hopes that we can cooperate and start up a nice little colonization area between the two of us. I’m pretty excited. While I realize most people will be doing this for profit my goals are a little different. I want to do it for supplies to utilize, it’s always a big deal to me to be as self sufficient as I can.

Speaking if which, Kasul and I are doing pretty well in the invention line of things too. I’ve been training more datacore skills, and am currently working on invention for T2 drones. Since all of my ships are ‘drone heavy’ which is my preferred method of playing, the hammerhead II’s that we’re working on should come into great use. The orca training is on hold for a bit while I work on other skills.

Speaking of other skills, I managed to get my CreoDron standing up to 4,03 and I’m working with my first ever L3 mission giver. I have been enjoying it for the most part, but my manufacturing agent is giving me far too many missions that require combat, and considering none of the missions are supposed to be combat related (under the killing category) it’s a little irksome.

For the first few that I obtained I had help from Kasul, and then afterward I took out my dominix and boxed the missions for the firepower and tanking that I required. I spent some time fixing up the dominix to tank properly, added some shields and another 250mm gun. I’m eager to see how it does now and I’m excited to be moving up through the levels of missions. Getting my standing that high also meant I could switch my R&D agent to someone who rewards a far higher amount of daily RP, which I’m also very happy about.

How is everyone else spending their time in EVE? Preparing for June 8th? Let me know in comments!

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  1. I’m training planet skills too. I’d love to join you and Kasul on your planet taking. 🙂 Let me know where and when.

  2. I’ve scouted out several likely planets close to my home base and am also training the PI skills.Command Centers hits 4 today, Planetology is at 4, Adv Planetology will hit 3 today, Remote sensing is at 3 and I don’t see the need to increase it. And once Adv Planetology is at 3, I’ll start the “number of command centers” one to 4 and it’ll be done in 3 days. At that point I’ll be “set” I think. I already know which planets I want, after all, so I don’t see that increasing my scanning skills will help any more after that.

  3. Stop…making me…want to log in…

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