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I have to admit on my ipod one of the apps that I use the most is the World of Warcraft Armory. This was even before they came out with the new remote auction house which I will get into details about in a minute. I used this app because it’s faster then browsing from the web site, and it’s also exceptionally handy for a player like myself who hasn’t done things a billion times before. I love their ‘find an upgrade’ feature where you can select a piece of gear you own, and search for something that may be useful to you. Right away the app was a big hit. I love browsing stats, achievements, and all the rest. Being able to do it from outside of game is great (I enjoy the eq2 players web site for the same reason, and really wish it would be made into an app).

Then came along the beta version of the remote auction house. For now everyone has access, 25 transactions a day. Once it goes live you’ll be charged an extra monthly fee to use it. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do that yet, but I have been playing with the beta quite a bit.

I love it. I love being able to control my sales from outside of game. In fact it gives me one more reason not to log into game all the time, which I love even more. I don’t need to pop in to check my sales or empty my mailbox I can do it from the ipod. Typically I’m in EVE or EQ2, and browsing the WoW auction house on the ipod and checking my sales. On any day I have 100-200 items for sale per character (mains, I have three of them basically) and I love checking the progress of the sales. I love being able to see the price range that everyone else has listed theirs for, and just playing the auction house game (ie: marketing).

Do I think it will break the market? No. There’s nothing the app does that you can’t already do if you log into the game. I think it will make the game (this particular aspect of it) more accessible to people, and accessibility is never a bad thing. I don’t typically buy anything off of the auction house, but I do use it to sell, often.

I love how it works, the clean interface, and just being able to do everything from purchasing, selling, and re-listing, as well as cleaning out mail. Keeping track of sales, and all the rest.

This isn’t the only game-related app I have either. I’ve been eagerly waiting for the Fallen Earth one to release, I have the Champions Online app, as well as the Wizard101 app and an EVE Online app. Each one is unique and different in its own way (wizard101 is basically just a game where you can win prizes to claim in game, and the Champions Online one is basically a character viewer) and I think that we need to see more of them. I’m actually very surprised that SOE hasn’t come out with their own yet, but I guess they’ve always been a little behind the rest in terms of that sort of thing.

Now, if they’d just add remote crafting..

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