In Which I Make Eurogamer Review Look Extensive

So back on June 2nd, I found out that Darkfall had finally opened up a free trial.  I’ve liked the screenshots I’ve seen, and since Syncaine seems to like it so much, I’ve been wanting to try it for some time, but I wasn’t willing to buy without trying and a paid trial isn’t really a trial, IMO.

So, I downloaded it.  Installed it.  Made a character.  And in the 1st tutorial window (or maybe it was the 2nd) I was told that yeah, they know their control scheme isn’t very intuitive, but that after a couple of hours I should get used to it.  I ran around the newbie area experimenting with it, learning how to keep the windows I wanted open, etc, then ran out in to the wilds to see what kind of trouble I could get into.

I found some goblins pretty quickly.  Killed one, but the 2nd one ran once his health got low and found a friend.  I almost killed the friend, but ended up dying.  Not a big deal really, but enough to make me realize that the game was a bit more action oriented than I wanted, and since I’m already trying to divide my time between 3 other MMO’s and am feeling that 2 are getting shortchanged. . . .

Darkfall was uninstalled from my computer less than an hour after it was installed.  Perhaps someday if I get bored of my other 3 games, but then perhaps not.  I didn’t notice anything “wrong” with the game, and actually quite liked that that goblin ran once it looked like he was going to die.  The graphics were nice, and I’m sure I could get used to the controls given enough time.  It just didn’t appeal to me with how my life is currently.

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