Starting Planetary Interaction

Planetary Interaction

Today command centers were seeded into markets all over, and of course like many (many) others I was eager to jump into game and get started. Now, I’ve been playing EVE for a few months (three? four?) and I’m always amazed at how complicated things are but also at how much I enjoy that. I’m not a scientist and a lot of the game still goes over my head. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing for me to enjoy. You can check out this youtube video about Planetary Interaction which is incredibly detailed and explains things far better then I could. It’s what I used along with the help of Kasul to set up my buildings (second set up pictured above). Basically how it works is you purchase a command center depending on what type of planet you want to harvest resources from.

There are 8 different types of planets, and each one has a list of resources. You can harvest those resources and process them into items (most of which used to be sold by NPC but have since been removed since it will be up to the players to construct them) or you can simply harvest them and sell them on the market as is.

What I’ve got set up above is a command center on a gas planet. I have two extractors which are linked to the command center (it’s a lot like sim city, where your command center provides power to your other buildings), a storage facility, and three processing plants. Two basic, and one advanced.

You have to connect a lot of things, and be cautious about your CPU usage. In the image above, I have raw materials from extractors being transferred to my storage facility, from there they travel to my processing plants. Then those materials go back to the storage facility, and to the third processing plant to be combined into the final item. From there, you guessed it. It goes back to my storage facility, where I can ship it off into space via launch pad or rocket. The reason I make sure to put items into my storage facility before going to a processing plant is that I want to make sure only the proper amounts are sent out. Processing plants can only work on so many materials at once, and I’d rather they sit in storage until it’s time to be used, and then move from there.

Excited? Why yes I am! I can interact with a max of four planets on each account right now, due to the levels that my skills are trained up to, but that’s more then enough for me to get a good start. I’m looking for things that I can use for building ships, as well as items that are used in POS (I still hold onto that dream of our corp obtaining one some day). I’ve no idea if it will be profitable, but it adds one more complex aspect to the game that I’m enjoying so much.

How is everyone else finding the new planetary interaction? Having fun? Taking over the world? Let me know in comments!

Fly safe!

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  1. I’ve monkeyed with it a little so far on a couple of planets. Still working out the building of storage and how to route things as of yet. Once I figure that all out I’ll work in advanced processors.

  2. How many people can use a planet?

  3. Infinite. It’s not restricted except by the resources available on the planet. I mean if there are 1,000 people harvesting it you may not find that many resources on it. Since there are over 65K planets in the game, I think there’s more then enough to go around, especially since each person is limited to a max of 6 planets.

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