EVE Planetary Interaction Redux

Update:  Found a lovely spreadsheet for what can be built with what materials here.

Redux becuz Stargrace has already posted about it, but now it’s my turn.

So yeah, EVE added the ability to mine/harvest planets now in order to allow players to make items that were previously NPC seeded, and it went live this past Tuesday.

I’d gone out and scouted several systems near my “home” and was semi-surprised to find that my home system is considered a major hub and thus the planets in that system are actually not available.  I mean, yeah, it’s got a good combat agent, is 0.5 security status, and is only 6 jumps from Jita, but I almost never see more than 100 people in local except on weekends.  Such is life.

Anyway, when the “great land rush” began on Tuesday morning began, I thought I was ready for it.  Except, well…. I’d written down the names of some planets I thought were good, and the products I could get off them, but not the type of planet itself, and of course the command centers are type specific, so I had no idea what to buy.  Well, no.  I remembered that 1 was ice, 1 was lava, 1 was storm, but couldn’t remember the other 2 for sure.  I think 1 was oceanic, but the last one I couldn’t remember at all, so yeah…. flyby required.  And it was temperate.

Anyway. . . I loaded up the good ol’ Badger Mk II named “Mushroom,” dropped some freshly bought command centers in to the cargo hold, and headed out.  See, I’m not actually sure yet if you have to be in-system to drop the centers on the planets or not.  I know you can remotely manage them, but to drop a CC as they’re being abbreviated now, I know you need to be “in space” but I have no idea about “in system.”  Though frankly, using the map to look at the planets in another system is something of a pain anyway and since I have an overview tab with the planets on it anyway. . .I just went to the systems.

So now I’m in orbit above the 1st planet and have a fuzzy idea of what to do from watching the EVE University tutorial video.  I dropped a CC down, and since I trained up to “advanced” that’s what went down.  I tossed down an extractor in a good deposit I’d scanned out, then created a link between them, and finally routed the output to the CC.  But I wanted to refine my stuff. so I put down an Advanced processor, and created links between it and the CC and the extractor.  But I couldn’t route anything to it becuz as I started looking through its schematics I came to realize that the “advanced” processor is a 2nd stage one, and I needed a 1st stage one.  So, it was decommissioned and a “basic” processor was put down instead.  Woo ha!  I found a schematic that would take my raw material, and so all was good.

I put down more extractors for other types of stuff, routed each to its own processor, and routed the resulting refined items to the CC and in the process made a ton of links that ate up my CC’s CPU and Power Grid.  I did this for long enough that I had stuff get there, so I launched a can in to space too.  And then of course couldn’t find it.  Warped to the customs office, but to use that you need a launchpad.  So I dropped one of those on the planet too and started trying to route everything to it, but ouldn’t route from the CC to the pad since it said “can’t route from storage to storage.”  Huh.  Decided I was done messing with it and started looking for my can of materials again.  Fortunately I had a corpmate on and he was able to tell me “bookmark is in your journal” and so I was able to go find my can.  Yippee!

On to the 2nd planet I wanted, and luckily enough it was in the same system.  Dropped a CC on it, put in some extractors, some basic processors, a launchpad, and realized I wanted to route everything to the pad, not the CC.  And also figured out that I didn’t need a spiderweb of links going from each building to each place I might want to route something.  This saved a lot of building cost, and also the cpu and power usage against my CC.  Set it up with the launchpad as the hub, and the CC sitting off to the side to simply provide “command and control” or whatever.

And thus I went back to the 1st planet and deleted all the extranous links I had there.  This freed up a ton of cpu and grid in the CC to use for more extractors, so that was nice.  And I called it a day then.

Since then, I’ve read Stargrace’s ideas on setting up a colony with storage for the raw materials to go to 1st, and then routing it from there to the processors.  I set up 2 more planets today going that route, and also went back and changed 1 of the other 2 to follow that pattern.  I’ve also got an advanced processor set up on a world and receiving both things its schematic needs so hopefully the 2nd stage refine will sell for more, becuz the 1st stage ones I’ve done so far are poorly priced.  I also found that some worlds allow for a 3rd stage “High Tech” processor to be built.  And that I can get materials to the customs house and send them down to my launchpad and to a factory for schematics that need things a certain world can’t provide for itself.

Did I mention that the links you put down only can carry so much per hour and thus can be upgraded also?  Yeah, overall it’s much more complex than I 1st thought, and it looks like to really make ISK with it I’m going to need to be doing the high level combines, which will take hauling.  So . . .I’m glad I kept my worlds close together.  But I still need to learn which materials the high-end stuff needs so I can go out looking for the base stuff I’ll need and know where to ship everything.  Frankly, I’m half tempted to simply do extraction and 1st-tier processing on the individual worlds, then haul everything to a central “factory world” and just dump everything in to advanced and high tech factories there with lots of storage around, plus probably a few extractors there as well for supplemental materials.

Which brings me back to storage.  I find that even with 4 extractors down and all feeding to a single processor it can handle the load without needing the stuff to 1st go to storage.  So I’m going to need to play more with that to see if I can’t get more extractors down in order to make it profitable to have storage facilities for the stuff.  And of course, a lot more research to see about the material needs for the high end refines.  I’ve found a “preliminary” pdf of the schematics tree here, but it doesn’t include the 3rd tier refines yet.  So…. off to look those up in-game and make my own, I suppose.

Fly safe, and all that.

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