EVE PI Redux Redux

Can you redux a redux?

Anyway. . . .

In looking through what planets I’d need in order to be able to work my way up to T4 combines, I realized I was hitting a serious bottleneck with slow extraction rates.  I also looked at it and realized that the idea of a central “factory planet” where I could take all my harvestables and simply dump them in and let the refineries/factories work seemed to make a lot of sense.

Enter “Factory Planet!”

Yup, 96% of my power grid and 75% of my CPU used and not a single extractor in sight.  You’d think I’d need storage, but the launchpad has 10,000 space in it and that’s sufficient.  The percentage numbers show the usage capacity of the links.  The one going from the launchpad to the central “high tech” factory is an upgraded “double capacity” one.  If it weren’t, that 56% it shows now would be over 100% and another bottleneck.  As it is, the bottleneck is that each “next tier” of combine needs 2 of the prior level for components, IE Bottom Tier produces 5, but you need 10 in the Middle Tier.  Middle Tier produces 3, but you need 6 for top Tier.  In the current setup, I can eliminate that bottleneck going from Bottom to Middle by feeding 2 factories at a time in, but I would bneed to double the complete setup in order to eliminate that bottleneck at the top tier, and there just isn’t enough juice in the Command Center for that to happen.

As a result, once the bottom tier of factories are fed their components, it takes an hour for them to feed the middle tier.  The middle tier works for an hour and feeds half of what the top tier needs, but immediately receives more to work on from the bottom tier and thus works another hour to feed the top tier its full ration.  Then the top tier finally (after 3 hours from start up) begins work and after 4 hours we have a shiny new thingamabob.  Since stuff’s already in the pipeline, it only takes 2 hours for each new thingamabob after that, giving a maximum output of 12 items per day.  And this assumes no delays in getting the initial products to import down to the factories, so that number can only go down.  Add in that it’s not really possible for 1 character to supply that much in a day with the other planets he has, it would appear that one would need to train up the 2 other characters on their account (takes each about 10 days to get the 3 skills necessary to the required levels under the double training speed for a new toon) and/or use alt accounts in order to harvest enough materials.  Or there’s the shortcut of just buying the materials, but that takes a huge bite out of your potential profit.

Now here’s to hoping that what I make will sell for good prices. . . . . . .

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  1. That’s the issue I think, if the mats were post processed on the other planets then you might be able to get a good supply – it would mean a lot of juggling around with factorys and extractors each time you change the ‘thingie’.
    Some planets let you process up to P3.
    I think your way forward here makes very good sense for Corps. with one person overseeing the P4 production like this. But the issue of lower (p1) mats cost more in the volume to export then p2 or p3 items – eating into your profit.
    Deffo an Elite CC and disjointed infrastructure is optimal though – playing each planets production strength is the way forward.

  2. Something I’ve looked at since I initially made this set up was the import and export costs.

    Importing the P1 materials costs something like 1 isk per m^3, so it was quite cheap. Exporting the P4 results cost 50,000 isk per unit exported, so it was significantly more.

    Anyone have any idea what it costs to import P3’s?

  3. Isk per mat level (based on m3)

    P0 0.05
    P1 0.38
    P2 4.50
    P3 300.00
    P4 25,000.00


    I have worked out that for a lot of items you can make 1/3 profit just from buying from the market (sell orders as I’m lazy). I have 5 planets doing this so it makes 1/5 more profit than if I was using all 5 planets in a single chain.
    Thanks for the idea 🙂


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