E3 2010: Where are the MMO’s?

E3 2010 is in full swing right now, and while the big consoles have all had their big day in the spotlight, I still feel like there is something missing at the event: a big MMO release. Sure, we had news of the Warhammer 40k MMO, but if that’s as well received by its audience as WAR was, then it is almost worth ignoring the announcement.

So far the most exciting MMO news in my opinion is Lego Universe (which can’t possibly be as fun as I hope it will be), and more on the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, which I know won’t be as fun as the trailers and FMV’s made it look.

I expected that we would see more MMO’s out this year, but it looks like game developers are moving more and more towards more traditional games, and just bumping up their profit by creating expansions, DLC or “new versions”. Many of the games coming out in the next two years seem to be new versions of old games, or refreshes of old IP.

I haven’t been very impressed with the games that are coming out, but I have to admit, the new announcements for the consoles all looked pretty good.

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  1. I think the big issue is the longevity of the current crop of games. Traditionally the games industry has relied on people getting bored and wanting a new game. People may be getting a little bored but they aren’t getting bored enough.

    If someone buys a newly launched MMO at the back of their mind is “I could be playing WoW (or EQ2 or Eve)”. That makes it very hard for games that traditionally have launched to people who are so bored of their previous game they would never go back to it.

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