Gamer Bucket List?

No I am not dying.  Well not sooner than a few decades from now as far as I can tell.  However there are things on my list of Gamer to do’s that I want to get done before life gets in the way or an ogre makes a meal from my bones.

One of the things that I never thought I would try was DnD.  If you happen to read my personal gaming blog, you have probably seen that I have been writing up recounts every week on the experience.  To put it simply, it has been a blast.  I look back on those times in High School when I saw the library fill with the avid dungeon crawlers during a lunch break or after school.  Back then I didn’t really pay attention, now I wish I would have been a part of those groups.

As we grow older our tastes and desires change.  I now like tomatoes and lima beans.  I now enjoy rpg games more than fps games.  I now like EVE Online just as much as World of Warcraft.  Really didn’t see that coming.  Part of my list was to check out EVE and really give it an honest go.  A few months ago I had a dramatic change of though about how to approach video games thanks to Massively and SpouseAggro’s own Beau Hindman.  I used to approach games and level up so that I could have fun.  I had to be the best geared and in a nice raiding guild.  End Game was THE game for me.  Not surprising, this lead to frequent burn outs and walks away from gaming in general.  Now I dont really care about the end of the game as much as the journey.  When I look back on my years of WoW playing, until recently, the most fun I had was the initial 1-60 experience.  Why?  Because then it was about the journey, not the end.  This change of thought has made EVE soooo much better.

I dont want to look back and realized I missed out on a game because I didnt give it a chance.  Having an open mind and allowing yourself to experience the game really makes a huge difference.  Will you like every game, no.  However, I think a lot of people will find an extra game or two to enjoy if they start trying to enjoy the journey rather than just ‘leveling-up.’

To the point, Steam has a deal on their client for a Magic the Gathering online card game.  It’s $10 dollars for the game and its expansion.  While I am sure this is nothing like playing the actual card game, it has peaked my interest.  Zubon writes about his experience with the game on Kill Ten Rats.

The reason I bring this up is because playing Magic is on my Gamer Bucket List.  I saw this and just had to purchase it.  As a kid my mother told me that Magic cards were of the devil. She wouldn’t let me play with other kids or even my cousins.  To each their own beliefs, but to me that was a load of crap and I missed out.  Ive never had the opportunity arise to actually play the game with other people.  That combined with trying to teach myself how to build a deck up and play with someone else was just a bit daunting.  Now, I can.  Well not really the deck building from what I have read but definitely a taste of the experience that was Magic cards when I was a kid.  And this just makes me giddy.

Another notch on my belt, another check on the list.  Feels great!

How about you?  What kinda stuff have you checked off or put on your Gamer Bucket List?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Heck maybe they will add some more ideas to mine.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I keep a running list of books, movies, TV series, and games, mostly drawn from what sounded neat on TV Tropes. Most of the games list:

    Advance Wars
    American McGee’s Alice
    Dead Rising
    Dead Space
    Fate Stay Night
    Final Fantasy VII
    Grim Fandango
    Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
    Kingdom Hearts (II)
    Makai Kingdom
    Mana Khemia Alchemists Of All Revis
    Mass Effect
    Mondo Agency
    No More Heroes
    Persona 3
    Puzzle Quest
    Shadow of the Colossus
    Star Control 2
    System Shock II
    Survival Crisis Z
    Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
    The World Ends With You

  2. That is a good list. I share a few of those too. Notably Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines which has always looked interesting but never enough to buy over another title and FFVII. I started it a number of years ago but got caught up in other stuff and never finished. Just finishing any of the FF titles to the very end is definitely on my list.

    Thanks for commenting zubon

  3. There’s a lot I want to finish.

    Currently though out of the most notable ones, I’d have to say, Finish Final Fantasy XIII and Fallout 3 GOTY, and also play the heck out of Everquest 2. 🙂

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