Hulkageddon III – Summer of Gank

Be careful in the skies

Thanks to a heads up from Wilhelm over at The Ancient Gaming Noob, I learned that Hulkageddon is starting up very soon, and then I learned all about what the ‘event’ is:

Hulkageddon is a semi-regular event which takes place in the MMORPG game EVE-online. During the event contestants vie with each other to see who can destroy the most mining vessels within a given timespan. This is the 3rd edition of the event, which hopes to top the previous one, that ended with the destruction of over 1,200 mining vessels. DID YOU KILL YOUR HULK TODAY?

Now those who follow my EVE adventures realize that I fly a hulk on my main account most of the time. I’ve lamented over the fact that insurance doesn’t actually come close to paying for a hulk, and that I went through incredible pains to build mine myself. That means that yes, while Hulkageddon is going on I will be keeping that ship docked, unwilling to lose it (because I simply can’t afford to replace it at the moment, and there’s a saying that you should never fly something you can’t afford to replace). I think this event is fantastic, despite the fact that a lot of players who lose ships are going to be very upset. If you fly a mining barge be VERY careful out there! I’m not saying that everyone is going to lose their ships, but you should take extra precautions such as aligning yourself for fast warp out, and NOT mining AFK.

It’s a harsh reminder that EVE Online IS a PvP game. That there are dangers no matter where you are, and I love how organized the event is. It’s even sponsored this year, and prizes are pouring in.

Does that mean I’ll have nothing to do while the event is taking place? No, of course not. I’ll still be training my industry skills, working on my PI, and I’ll probably be mission running in my catalyst working on my standing and earning loyalty points. There’s plenty to do while my hulk stays safe and sound docked at headquarters. Then I’ve got my ‘pew pew’ account who I’ve decided to begin training towards a helios. I’m currently using an imicus for scouting operations, but I’d really like something a bit better. I’ve already got a blueprint, so I’ve just got to make sure I have the skills to manufacture one, as well as the supplies. It will take me 24 days to fly one, the Gallente Frigate V skill and Electronics Upgrades V taking the most time at 10 days each. Not too long. In the mean time I’m still saving up for that Orca that I’m dreaming about.

As always fly safe! Even more so if you’re in a mining barge..

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  1. Hulkageddon actually isn’t too big a deal if you’re doing the standard “fly aligned and then GTFO if local spikes” thing.

    Unfortunately, flying in hisec doesn’t really train you to do that. Even so, from what I’ve seen in the past it’s mostly macro-miners that are caught and destroyed in this event — and that’s what the event was designed to do. Get rid of the bots.

    • Agreed, and for people like me, it can be time to bring out the hulk, and fit it as bait (strongest shields, target scrambling, etc..) for a PvP party to come in and peg off unsuspecting folks that think I’m an easy target. 🙂

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