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Ladies and Gentleman, I have a confession:  I am one of them.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s cliques in mmo land.  It’s just like High School.  There’s the PVPers, the crafters, the casuals, the solo-ers, and then there’s the raiders.  My chosen game, EQ2, is no longer this way, but for a long time the raiders were the elite.  I considered it a point of pride that I had enough skill to work my way up the raiding food chain and into one of the best guilds out there.  These days, raiding in general is a lot less snobbish than my first experiences.  I’m not sure how much of that is the “we walked 4 miles uphill both ways without shoes through the snow” statement and how much of it is reality, but it seems like there was a lot less room for error then.  Surely I’m not the only raider reading this blog.  Do you guys notice that, or am I off base?

Personally, I blame TSO.  TSO was some of the worst raiding content I’ve ever experienced.  At the time there were lots of the folks who said that it was all in people’s heads, but I saw servers go from 10-15 raiding (and casually raiding) guilds to 3 or 4 raiding guilds.  Even those 3 or 4 had changed almost their entire rosters at least once in that time frame.  It got to the point that guilds would literally be begging for healers, any healer, even if the person had never healed before; roll a healer and come help.  Healer burnout was another thing that a lot of folks said was just a rumor, but of the dozens of healers I knew at the beginning of TSO, only 5 or 6 of them were still healing at the end of the expansion.  With that kind of turnover, of course errors are going to be ignored more often.

From the TSO nightmare, we jumped into SF, and I really didn’t care that the gear wasn’t an upgrade.  I just wanted out of the stupid TSO raids.  Gear at the beginning of SF was pretty bad though.  It got upgraded twice before I saw anything that even sort of made sense as a replacement for what I was wearing.  That really didn’t matter though.  The raids were fun.  There was actually more to do beyond just spam-curing.  Even the fights that could be spam cured (like the second name in Palace) didn’t Have to be.  If your heals were big enough you could just cure when you felt like it.  I think that might be my favorite fight just coming into SF.  It signaled to me that TSO was really and truly over, and raiding might start getting fun again.

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  1. Amen to that brother. I was one of those weird guys. I was in one of the servers top 4 raiding guilds but as a non raider as they didnt need my class.
    I then rolled me an Inquisitor and come TSO with the healer burnout, I got to join on him. Thankgod it was an Inquis I rolled and not another healer type, curing was a breeze but yeah burnout was huge.

    Believe it or not, we have had a little healer burnout in SF already too however things are picking up now that they have added some more raid zones. You can only run Palace so many times before its too samey.

    • I haven’t noticed any burnout in SF yet, but yeah, I agree with you. It’s good they put the new zones in, because Palace (and labs) was getting old fast.

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