EVE PI Triple Redux

I’ve been semi-heavily involved in PI since the last post, been watching market prices in Jita as well as the Citadel and Lonetrek regions and. . it’s all chaos.  That’s not all bad, but it does make it a tad difficult to make it profitable.

As the prices currently sit, it’s more profitable to sell the raw materials or the basic P1 refines than it is to try to make any of the P2-P4 items.  This may change soon, however, since the NPC seeds for the materials have now been removed.  As a result, the prices are dropping for some items and rising for others.  Theoretically once it all evens out again in a few weeks or months and becomes semi-stable then there will be more opportunities for profit without needing to go on a speculation binge.

As it is, my “factory planet” from the prior post is currently sitting idle.  I think I’ll eventually begin using it again, so I’ve not decommissioned it since it doesn’t have a maintenance cost.  The other 4 planets that I can currently set up on all have “max extraction” setup going, along with 2 or 3 basic processors to make the raws into the P1 refines.  I’ve actually made back my initial investments, at least, and a little besides, so for now it seems that this will be a nice little “bonus” income stream that only takes about 20 minutes a day to maintain, and a hauling run once a week to gather the materials.

I’m looking forward to the next time period to see what the prices do for all the various materials and to see if ti will become profitable to make the higher level items again once it all shakes out.

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