Playing with Invention

Skills, skills, and more skills

Pictured above is a skill I’ve been working on getting for the past little while. It allows me to work with more then one research agent, which means more datacores. I’m pretty heavily involved in invention, I have three or four jobs going on at any one time – but the lack of datacores is eventually always something I run into. Kasul has been creating copies of blueprints for me from originals (our corp owns a few, though not a large amount) to use, and then I take those and put them into the invention line. Depending on what I’m making I’ll either sell a successful blueprint (tech2 by that time) or manufacture it into the final product. Once I get my hands on more datacores I’ll be able to increase my invention (or other science jobs) that I’ve already increased with the laboratory operations skill. There’s also an advanced version of this skill that I plan on getting (eventually) so that I can have a whole handful of jobs on the go at once. Now my corp just needs a POS so I can make use of some assembly lines. There are a lot out there that are incredibly busy and finding a spot to work in is frustrating. Especially when it comes to research which I have been unable to do so far.

I am still enjoying EVE a great deal. I like that I can play my way, and whether that’s running missions for an evening or exploring a wurmhole or some other bit of fun it’s a great way to spend my time in game. I do want to get my second account training towards being able to do R&D as well, but for now she’s focused on working towards that Helios I have planned. 7 more days for Gallente Frigate V and then another 10 days for the rest of her skills. I’m pretty excited, and yes I’m building the ship myself.

What’s everyone else been up to? Fly safe!

About Stargrace

Just another female gamer with too much time on her hands.

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