Part 1: Can’t Stop the Rant!

So, I was going to write a post being unhappy about the changes to the Hole, and how it was asinine to create a zone that would be a challenge for a mid-level raiding guild and then to change it so that it caused issues for top end raiding guilds.  But they brought the difficulty level back down (still too high for what the loot is there, but I digress.)

Have you ever noticed yourself being unhappy enough with how a company is running a game that even when they do something (sort of) that you like (such as sort of reducing the difficulty of a zone from “stupid” to “still a little much for the loot level”), you still find a reason to complain about it? “You took away my opportunity to rant!”  Sometimes I just gotta laugh at myself.

Instead of a rant, I wrote a different post.

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Just a guy living in the Northwest, writing and gaming and going about his day.

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