Part 2: Sense of the Dramatic

The first MMO that I played instead of dabbling with was EQ.  I stuck to a half-elf rogue for most of my stay in unshattered Norrath, but I did a lot of exploring.  I have my horror stories of Blackburrow trains, Nek forest at night, and getting stomped in Crushbone.

I also have stories of times where I had to stop and marvel at the sense of the dramatic.  The first time I came into Plane of Knowledge was through a side tunnel, and coming from that dark passage into that huge open area was a nice effect.

The Halas raft

The first time I came into Halas was at night, and I climbed onto the raft and crossed, and fell in love with the place.  I think it was the raft trip.  Such a sense of adventure getting onto that raft and seeing Halas come closer and closer.

A while ago, SOE released New Halas, and remembering the trip in EQ, I was looking forward to seeing what they did with the place.  When I got there, there was no raft.  Just snow and a dock and a path leading up.

I poked around New Halas for a bit, was suitably impressed with the housing, and went off to raid.  The next day I came back to Halas and got turned around trying to get back to the housing area.  I ended up going down this narrow crack of a tunnel, knowing it wasn’t the way to the housing but following it anyway because who knows what’s at the end.

At the end was the first “stop and marvel at the sense of the dramatic” that I’ve had in EQ2 since Thundering Steppes was The place to be for finding a group to level.

It was a barren, snowswept wasteland, and I was forcibly reminded that Norrath was shattered.  While I was taking in the view, I saw something that made me glad I still play.

This is old Halas, and the raft I was expecting.

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