Star Trek Online: Jumped the Shark

I just went to check Star Trek Online, and see if the updates have brought it back into line with the game I would love to play, but my disappointment in the game was only magnified when I saw that the Star Trek Online store had been updated with new items including this:

This felinoid race has been a loyal member of the United Federation of Planets since the 23rd century. Now is your chance to have one on your bridge! Purchase of this option allows you to create Caitian Federation Officers. These Captains begin with the Feline Instincts trait (20% bonus to Stealth Sight, 10% boost to Exploit damage, 75% increase to jump height, 10% chance to dodge half of the damage from ranged attacks). They may choose two additional traits, one of which may be the new Pounce trait (25-foot lunge melee attack power).

Yup, Star Trek has added furries to the game. I am sure the weird people that are “into” that sort of thing will be excited. I am really not impressed with the direction the game is going in. Maybe I am just not the type of person that should play MMO’s, but I keep hoping for a science fiction MMO that really captures my attention.

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  1. Guess I’m one of those “weird people” – I play kerra and ratonga in EQ2 and have never considered them in a bad connotation before, whether it’s space or fantasy it’s all just make believe and there are just as many ‘weird’ people playing any other number of races out there.

    • I like my sci-fi to feel like Sci-fi and my fantasy to feel like fantasy. I don’t really like when they cross over. :$ And it wouldn’t bother me as much if they looked more alien.

      • They look like scrawny Kzinti to me.

        You know…. the aliens in Larry Niven’s (arguably) most successful *sci-fi* series.

        Since we don’t actually have cat-people on Earth, doesn’t it follow that any cat-person would by definition be alien?

  2. Right, I can understand that completely, my issue comes from you judging people as “weirdos” who are “into that sort of thing” – not from the cross over of fantasy into a sci fi world or vice versa which I agree with.

    • Ah, I get you now. I guess that comment comes from the strange world of Second Life where I accidentally ran into a group of furries that weren’t PG-13… but my comment about “into that sort of thing” was really more about bringing furries into Star Trek, which just continues to ruin the potential for me to get engaged into the game. I’ve been very vocal about the non-Star Trek feel of the game.

      Things that don’t “fit” pull me out of the experience, and remind me that I am playing just another game, rather than taking part of the universe that I live.

      The weirdos are the ones that want Star Trek to keep going down this path. People can be animals all they want and I don’t mind, just not in Trek…lol.

  3. pfts Second Life, you’re just asking for it there *chuckles* Thanks for clearing it up. đŸ™‚

  4. You do know that Caitians 1st appeared in Star Trek lore about 35+ years ago in the animated series – and also made an appearance in Star Trek IV, yes?

  5. Meh. Cats suck. Dogs are where it’s at.

    Though Blizzard’s new rendition of “dog-people” are definitely not where it’s at.

  6. Guess I should have done more research… Didn’t ever watch the Animated series. I still am not a big fan of the idea of having cats in Star Trek. I’ve always been more of a TNG – Voy fan, and so I was hoping the game would reflect the universe that I’ve come to know and love.

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