MMOs, World Cup, and Global Competition.

Well moments ago the USA lost the chance to become World Cup champions.  Our performance was not the best despite the penalty goal and rally in the end of the second half.  It is too bad, but they did give us some great games to watch over the last few weeks.

Watching the World Cup has started to get my brain juices going.  I look at all the excitement as the world gathers for sport.  We don the colors of our teams and avidly watch games cheering on our favorite players.  The Olympics are similar, but for some reason the World Cup seems to be more.  Perhaps it is the focus.  One game, one team, and a world of competitors.

While I understand nothing can bring gaming to the level of the World Cup, I wonder where the global competition is for games?  Sure there is the competitive raiding group that strives to hit the worlds first boss kills, but the whole system doesn’t cater to fans or audiences.  WoW has their arena seasons, yet once again, it is hard to get into something that is difficult at best to follow.  I do like the recent addition of World Cup team jerseys being added to in game item shops, but it isn’t enough for me.

It would be nice to see something in the game industry that pitted countries of players around the world against each other.  Something that was recorded and streamed for an audience to gather around and watch.  Whether it be pvp or a pve type tournament, just something that in a few weeks, pit the worlds ‘top’ players and guilds against each other in a feast of action for less hardcore players. Perhaps the problem is that with so many gamers in the US, it would be hard not to flood the playing field with US based teams. Then there is the issue of type of games appealing to difference cultures.  If it was a grinder, no doubt Asia would destroy us.

Regardless of the reasons, I would love to sit back and enjoy a large competition within a game.   The closest I have seen thus far was EVE Online’s Alliance Tournament.  I loved it but I think it was the wrong type of game.  EVE’s combat just isnt a great spectator event.  I remember in high school watching the CAL tournaments for Counter Strike.  Now that was a lot of fun.  Action, teams to root for, and a system that with a little luck could cause underdogs to throw down a string of awesome victories.

Perhaps a pve competition in WoW that one week after a content release, would pit the worlds guilds against each other for fastest down.  Something that we could watch and cheer for our server’s team.  Sure some guild may have beat them to the first down, but that isnt something we can watch.  At least not as it is happening.

I guess the World Cup has just put me in a mood to root for a team again.  I loathe most sports.  Soccer and Olympic hockey are pretty much the only two things I pay attention to.  Since I spend so much time in games, it would be nice to combine a little of that team fan fun into some nice geeky competition now and then.

What do you think?  Would you like to see more competitions in MMOs?  Do you think it would change the current fan following of competitions if companies made them more accessible to watch for the common gamer?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.


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