Who Says You Can Never Go Back?

Changes to the inventory screen

You’ve probably heard it a million times. Once you’ve moved on from that MMO of days gone by, you can never return. Like someone has kicked you out and locked the door and it doesn’t matter how often you bang on that door it’s just not going to admit you any more.

Ok well it’s not exactly like that. The point most people make is that if you try to go back to your old game of choice you will not be satisfied because of the advances that other games have made that you’re going to miss, and the feeling that you’re incredibly behind everyone else. I, don’t see it that way. In fact Tipa from West Karana has shown me that you can indeed go back, and it can be just as fun. You need a particular frame of mind. You have to stop comparing games to one another and simply focus on what you enjoy. When server merges came on the 24th for EQ I logged in afterward to make sure my characters transferred all in one piece, fix any naming issues I may have had, and check out older servers where I may have had characters to move them all on one server. I found a level 31 monk I had created in March of 2003, with fabled Jboots, stuffed away on 7th Hammer. Nostalgia ensued. I moved all of my characters to Drinal (newly merged with Maelin) and checked each character.

The server was packed with players, something I was incredibly excited to see. Chat channels were bustling and people were everywhere. I spent a good amount of time arranging hot bars, and then decided I really wanted to start a new character. Entered the tutorial with Faydai, a zerker (and my first ever) and inched my way to level 5. While I do enjoy EQ a large amount, I do NOT like the tutorial, at all. As soon as I hit level 5 I leave and move on to another zone.

I think I’m also going to create a beastlord, as I’ve never played one past the 50’s before (my 2nd account has one but that account is currently closed). They’re fun and great for soloing. Anyhow. The point of this post is that you CAN indeed go back and have fun. There’s nothing stopping you except YOU. I keep in mind that it’s a 10+ year old game that I haven’t played in some time. That it may not have the exact convenience of other games – but it’s still fun. Pictured above is one of the changes I really like, finally a “stats” window that allows me to see all the little details of my character.

I do still plan on spending some time in EQ as days go by. I plan on leveling up my shadowknight to play with a few friends who are also on Drinal (Calreth and Kasul I’m looking at you two!) and we’ll see how it goes. I don’t expect it will ever be my ‘main’ game of choice – but since when have I really had a main game. I bounce around so frequently that it’s hard to decide where I’m settling for the week.

This post wasn’t nearly as streamlined as I would have liked, but it’s because my thoughts on this matter are all over the place. Plus, it’s Saturday. Time to game! Have a great weekend no matter where you find yourself.

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