The Defiler Project: Introduction

Inspired by Green Armadillo’s post about defilers, I’ve decided to pull mine out of obscurity and look at it some more.  Defilers have long been held as “awesome” in EQ2, even considered to have “required” status for raiding, but with a caveat:  extremely low dps, so soloing with them is a chore.

Let me give you a bit of history about this toon:

I created the character on Jan 29, 2005, so about 2 months after launch.  This was during the time where your level progression was “1-3 Commoner, 4-9 Archetype, 10-19 Class, 20+ Subclass.”  I’d created an earlier toon with an idea of breaking stereotypes — most high elves were priests of some sort, and templars most commonly within that subset.  And why not?  High Elves started with a 30 in their Wisdom stat, after all.  So I created a High Elf fighter to break that mold.  I still wanted to make use of that high WIS score, though, so I decided to be a paladin (since at the time they used WIS for a portion of their power pool), but at level 14 or so decided to REALLY break the sterotype and betray over in order to become a Shadowknight.  When I got to Freeport and wandered into Longshadow Alley (home of the Dark Elves) they started to cheer for me as I walked by.  This kinda sold me on High Elves as a result.  Even though we only had 4 character slots at the time, I was burning through alts at a rapid pace, creating and deleting due to the small stable allowed.  I enjoyed my SK, the warlock was kinda fun, and the monk was decently fun to boot, but I still hadn’t found that magical class that would make me want to log in every day.

I decided to try making a shaman character becuz I liked a video I’d seen of some of the caster animations.  I’d already been sold on High Elves, so I made a high elf priest knowing it would eventually turn in to a Mystic as I leveled it up.  I absolutely loved the flavor of the class once I got past level 14 or so and got my wards and debuffs and such, and thus was I finally “evercracked.”

Sadly, the shamans were quite broken at the time too.  Wards didn’t take mitigation into account so they collapsed far sooner than they should have, making healing in a group a chore.  And then once you hit 20 and became a Mystic you turned into a bear.  A bear with a really big ugly butt.  I didn’t like looking like that, so topping the other issues with that, and…. I was level 23 in about a month from character creation (rather fast leveling for the time) but it took a full year to gain the next 9 levels to get to 32.  I kicked around with the toon a few times in that next year and by the time the Echoes of Faydwer expansion came out I was level 39.  IIRC, it was about then that the wards finally got fixed.  The addition of the AA tree that turned Mystics in to melee characters meant that I began playing this character a bit more, but this was also a time when defilers began being sought after.  Betrayal had been changed to be possible at any level, so I asked myself “why not?” and betrayed over.  A lot of grouping opportunities were available in EoF in the mid-levels, so I got from 40 to 54 in a couple of months and really enjoyed the class, but it was still an alt.  I had characters in 2 different guilds at that point, and both raided, so I was much more focused on my “raiding mains.”  As a result, I found out firsthand just how slowly the solo grind on a defiler could be on the rare occasions I would log her in.  It got to the point I wouldn’t log her in at all unless it was specifically to join a group in that level range that was looking for a healer, and has more or less been like that ever since.  I did have a burst of leveling on Jan 29, 2009 as a result of being in a group of people wanting to mentor down to kill named mobs and I was of the proper level for that, so we blitzed Pillar of Flames, but that’s really about the last time I’d played the character before this week again.

So here I sit: Level 59 with 52 AA’s.  I’m in full Mastercrafted gear and all spells are at least AD3 Expert.  Yeah, I twink out my alts.  It’s expensive, but what else am I really going to do with the plat that I earn on my 90’s?  I’ve actually heard that defilers really kick it up a notch after 70 and then yet again after 80, and I’ve not actually been playing much EQ2 lately since I’ve already capped 2 toons and am doing the hardest non-raid content already but don’t care about the token grind, so…. I’ve got a new EQ2 project:  Work on the defiler and see if I can really make something of the toon that initially “evercracked” me but has since fallen by the wayside.  I’ll post an update on the project each Friday to let you know how it’s going.

For more info on the character, check out the EQ2Players profile.

I haven’t screenie’d the toon in a long time, but this is almost the right look — only difference is that I’m currently using a hammer and buckler rather than the scythe.  I don’t know that I plan on changing the appearance armor for a while yet.  Perhaps once I get the legendary set out of the KOS questline or something.  We’ll see.  But anyway, here’s the pic:

Yes, I DO have an arrow through my head!

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