Crawling to 90

So i have been working on getting my alts leveled up, My main finally hit level 90 a few weeks ago and still needs to be leveled in tradeskill of sage, but that can wait my alts need a little TLC too so that’s why I’ve been focusing on them.

Now i have come to the conclusion that once you hit the lvl 80 marker the next 10 levels to 90 seems to be dragging, i am hitting the higher level areas for max XP bt still seems like i am crawling to 90. i know there are potions on the marketplace but honestly that feels like cheating, cheating legally, but still cheating. I would rather have it crawl than cheat to gain 10 levels.

So the alt i am working on now just hit level 83, so 7 more levels to go before they reach 90, the good thing about this alt is that i have already leveled him to max tradeskill Alchemist so once i get past these 7 levels i will have my first maxed out toon, except for AA.

I hear folks all the time i hit 90 on my 30th toon man that was easy, ok ok where and what the heck are you doing, i play every night of the week for at least 4 hours a night if not more on other nights, been playing this game since launch, how do they do it? Are there classes out there that are easier to level than others or are they hitting the some special XP that only a few know about.

So whats your thoughts on the marketplace and the potions available for XP & tradeskill XP or where have you found that takes the grind out of leveling. Are others just using the system as it was designed to or are they finding the loopholes that the developers have forgotten about. Let me know what you think!!!

Until next time Happy hunting in Norrath

~CHUBBY~  (Travels of Norrath)

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I am 39 male from US (Ohio) Divorced, 2 kids and I have been playing video games since the late 70's when I first had an Intelivision & A

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  1. I leveled 3 toons to 90, and it wasn’t insultingly easy, but it was a lot easier than 1-20 at launch.
    Yeah, some classes are a lot easier to level than others. I quested and instanced my assassin up… that took weeks. My SK I went to 85 and then mentored and ripped through Palace of the Awakened and SoS over and over again for the last 5 levels. Even with the mentoring it still went quickly. I think 2 weeks to go from 80-90 for the sk; and I was goofing off, rather than focusing on leveling quickly.

    I don’t know what others are doing, but that’s what I did.

    • Yeah my main is a SK, it seemed really easy to get her to 90, but my Zerker seems like he takes forever. idk maybe i need to focus a little more and work

      I figure another week and he’ll be there,we’ll see.


  2. I leveled my SK 1st due to her amazing survivability while solo so that I could learn the zones and such. I didn’t rush, but I didn’t lollygag either. It took me about 2 weeks to hit 90. The coercer (my actual main) I then ran through as quickly as I could and becuz I now knew what to do/where to go it only took about 4 days.

    I started working on my warlock, but realized I didn’t want to do the same content a 3rd time in a row. Ran a lot of instances on the coercer to the point she’s feeding marks and gear to the SK via the shared bank anymore, then took a break to focus on EVE and DDO. Now I’m back and working on “The Defiler Project” in the previous post. It’s something to focus on, at least, and I’m doing a lot of older content I either never really did before or I’m in revamped zones for the 1st time, so it’s been a lot more fun than redoing TSF zones endlessly.

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